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Herblore - The Basics

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Getting Herbs

herblore vials.gif

There are three main ways in which you can obtain herbs in Gielinor. There are advantages to each style but more practiced herbalists can use a combination of techniques in order to achieve maximum levels of stock.

You can obtain herbs through:

  • Farming
  • Drops
  • Shops & the Grand Exchange


Through the use of the Farming skill, you can choose which herbs you want to grow (once the necessary seeds have been obtained, of course). Those who use this skill proficiently will be able to grow crops, as well as herbs and many other plants. For more information on Farming, please see the Farming section of the manual.


Many monsters and other NPCs can be killed for herb drops. Herbs obtained in this manner will be grimy and will need to be cleaned in order to use them. Monsters that drop grimy herbs include:

  • Women and men
  • Thugs
  • Skeletons
  • Chaos druids
  • Slayer monsters - especially cave crawlers.


The richer herbalists may buy herbs from people who have gathered stock using the above two methods. A lot of the herbs you find within the game will be grimy. To be able to use them you will first need to use your Herblore skill to clean them. To clean a herb, simply click on it with the left mouse button (or right-click on it and choose 'Clean' from the list of options).

If you have the appropriate Herblore level needed to clean the herb, it will be ready to be used in making potions. As your Herblore level increases so will your ability to clean different types of herbs.

Creating Potions and Poisons

Creating either a potion or a poison is a three stage process, with creations following the basic setup as shown below:

Stage Process Image Product
1 Obtain vial of water waterfilled vial.gif Vial of water *
2 Add herb to vial unfinishedstrength potion.gif Unfinished potion
3 Add secondary ingredient strength potion.gif Finished potion

* Some higher level creations will use coconut milk, or even other potions, instead of water. Coconut milk is made by using a hammer on a coconut, which can be picked from a palm tree. You should then use the half coconut to fill an empty vial with the coconut milk:

hammer.gif + coconut.gif + empty vial.gif = unfinishedstrength potion.gif

The same type potion can also be combined. For example, if you have a 1 dose and a 3 dose attack potion, you can right-click and 'use' one of the potions on the other, making a 4 dose potion. Alternatively, choose to empty the vial by using the right-click option.

Now that you know what all the ingredients are and how to put them together in order to create a potion, you are ready to begin mastering the Herblore skill. The easiest way in which to advance your Herblore is to actually make potions and poisons.


It is worth remembering that when training Herblore filling vials with water and adding the first ingredient do not give any xp so does not train Herblore at all. So, as you can buy the unfinished potions off the GE, you should separate adding the first herb from training Herblore and view it instead as a gold making exercise.

For example - at the time of writing this and at mid GE prices - adding Dwarf weed to a water filled vial makes approximately 100k gold per hour but gives no xp and so does not train Herblore.


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