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Herblore FAQ

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Do stat restore potions restore Prayer, Mining, Smithing etc., or just Strength, Attack and Defence?

Only super stat restore potions restore all stats. Ordinary restore potions only restore Defence, Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged.

The potions do not restore the stats to your base levels - they restore a set amount (see the potions table).

How come my super attack potion was 4 doses?

All potions are made as a 3 dose potion, but a vial will carry up to 4 doses. A player can combine potions with less than four doses to add them together (e.g. two 2 dose potions can be combined into a 4 dose potion, two 1 dose potions can be combined into a 2 dose potion, etc.).

What is a super set?

A super set is when a player has all three super potions; that is, super Strength potion, super Attack potion and super Defence potion.

How do I fill a vial with water?

Use an empty vial on a water source. If you have more than one vial in your inventory, you will automatically fill all of the vials with water.

How does poison work?

Drinking a poison potion gives a temporary chance to poison your target in combat.

There are 3 different strength types of poisons:

The damage that these cause increase as you go down the list, with poison++ being the most potent.

The poison effect is applied to yourself, not your weapon, and lasts for one minute.

Where can I get herbs?

Monster drops, especially from chaos druids under Taverley and in the Wilderness part of the dungeon below Edgeville. Herbs can also be grown from herb seeds (which can be dropped by various monsters, pickpocketed from Master Farmers, or bought from players) using the Farming skill.

Can I combine half-full potions into one vial?

Speak to Bob Barter at the Grand Exchange. He'll look through your inventory and combine 1- 2- and 3-dose potions into vials containing 4 doses. He can perform a similar service for flasks, barbarian potions and calquat kegs.

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