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High Level Alchemy

High Level Alchemy
Low Level Alchemy spell icon
Description unknown [Edit]
Magic Level 55
XP 65
Spellbook Standard Spellbook
Dungeoneering Spellbook
Runes Fire rune icon × 5
Nature rune icon × 1
Element Unknown [Edit]
Base damage Unknown [Edit]
High Level Alchemy animation
A player casting the high level alchemy spell.

High level alchemy (often just called alching) is a spell in the standard and Dungeoneering spellbooks, requiring level 55 Magic to cast. It's a higher powered version of Low Level Alchemy, and gives 65 experience per cast. The spell requires 5 fire runes and one nature rune. A fire staff, or a similar item providing an unlimited source of fire runes, can be used to make the spell more economical to cast repeatedly.

When cast, the backpack interface will be opened/switched to, allowing the player to click on an item to be "alched". When "alched", an animation appears where the player shifts their hands and a flash of light show. The item disappears and a fixed number of gold coins are added to the player's money pouch. Whilst Dungeoneering, rusty coins are added to the player's backpack instead. If the backpack was docked in the same set of interfaces as the Magic abilities interface, then Magic Abilities will become the selected tab once more after the spell has been cast.

If a player does have the backpack and magic abilities interface docked in the same set of interfaces, they can move an item into a backpack slot that lines up with the position of the spell in magic abilities. This means that, if the item is noted or otherwise stacks, the player can simply click repeatedly without having to move the mouse allowing for easy, low-concentration Magic experience. Many players take advantage of this, because it can give an upward of 70,000 Magic experience per hour, while potentially making some money (depending on the items chosen).

Most items in the game can be "alched", the main exception being Quest items.

Animation overrides

Solomon's General Store provides the option to makes the spell animation more dynamic with its skilling spell animations.

Related items

Some items allow you to cast this spell a certain number of times daily without requiring any runes, specifically:

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