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Holiday Guides

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Seasonal Items Guide
A guide to all of the items you can obtain through seasonal events.

One-off Events

RuneScape 10th Anniversary Attack of the WildyWyrm 200 Million Players Diamond Jubilee
Make a wish! The wyrm strykes back! RuneScape celebrates the 200 millionth player. Celebrate the Queen of England's 60th year as ruler.

Super September Lumbridge Rebuildathon
Take part in a challenge a day during September 2013. Help Foreman George rebuild the destroyed homes and businesses of Lumbridge.

Recurring Events

Cryptic Clue Fest Festival of the Dead Gielinor Games Tribute to Guthix
Test your knowledge of Gielinor with this annual event. Celebrate the life of those who have passed on. The biggest sporting event of the (fourth) year. Catch butterflies and share their memories.

Easter Events

2006 Event guide 2007 Event Guide 2008 Event guide 2009 Event Guide
Need help with this year's egg-citing Easter adventure? Capture the rogue chocolate kebbits! The massive pink bunny needs your help again! Lazy bunnies are hard work.

2010 Event Guide 2011 Holly and Hawthorn 2012 A Fowl Easter
An eclectic Easter. Winter dwindles and spring has sprung. Hunt down eggs for tasty treats.

Hallowe'en Events

2006 Event Guide 2007 Event Guide 2008 Trick or Treat 2009 Web of Shadows
Spooky things are afoot in Draynor. Help Death clean up before his new servant starts. Maggie has a bone-chilling challenge for you. Arachnophobes beware!

2010 Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow 2011 Deathcon II 2012 Haunted Houses
Death of a party. The Horsemen open their Citadel to guests. The gates of the underworld have opened.

Thanksgiving Events

2008 Event Guide 2009 Event Guide 2011 Turkey Protest 2012 Turkey Takeover
Gobble, gobble, gobble. A turkey to feed a family. Turkerton says 'No thanks' to Thanksgiving. Turkeys swarm all over Varrock Palace Courtyard.

Christmas Events

2006 Event Guide 2007 Event Guide 2008 Event Guide 2009 Event Guide
Rescue the childernapped childerkins! Build snowmen with friends to take you to the Land of Snow. Jack Frost is on the loose! Bah, 'umbug, matey!

2010 O Little Town of Daemonheim 2011 A Towering Feast 2012 A Stray in a Manger 2013 Up to Snow Good
Rest Ye Merry Barbarian. Help the wizards prepare for their holiday feast. Help your snow imp friend find reindeer and re-home some stray dogs. Zamorak has taken over Christmas and has captured Santa.

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