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Home Teleport

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Home Teleport
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Level 1 Magic
Spellbook All Spellbooks
Runes None
Experience None
Home Teleport Animation

Home Teleport is a teleport spell found on all spell books, that requires no runes or Magic level to cast.

Casting the Home Teleport spell will allow the user to teleport to any of a network of lodestones scattered across Gilienor via the Lodestone Network interface. The map will have several icons representing the 23 different locations. Hovering over the icons will tell you where the icon will take you. Once you have decided upon where you want to teleport, click the icon and the map will close and activate the Home Teleport animation.

The Home Teleport is a ritual, rather than a spell, as it takes some time to cast and will be interrupted by any other actions or combat. Because of this it is not recommended as an escape teleport. In addition, most of the lodestones are placed away from major locations, so other teleports tend to be more convenient.

Lodestone Network Map
Member's view
Lodestone Network Map
Free-to-play view

Note that lodestones are not all unlocked by default, the vast majority must be found and activated (by clicking on them), or unlocked by completing quests, before they can be used. New players will have their Burthorpe lodestone already unlocked. The Lumbridge lodestone will become automatically activated when going through the path system section of the tutorial.

By default both the Lumbridge and Burthorpe lodestones are unlocked. Others must be visited manually to unlock them, or unlocked via the completion of a quest.

Note that the lodestone interface will not show if you have either the tutorial active and have not yet completed it.

Below is a list of the lodestone locations.

Town Location/Notes
Al Kharid Just north of the palace.
Ardougne member badge tiny.png Just north of East Ardougne.
Ashdale Center of town, north of Magda's house.
Burthorpe Outside Burthorpe Castle. Unlocked automatically.
Desert Bandit Camp member badge tiny.png Southeast of the camp. Requires Desert Treasure to unlock.
Draynor At the crossroads north of the village.
Canifis member badge tiny.png Northwest of the town.
Catherby member badge tiny.png Just north of the Fishing shop.
Eagles' Peak member badge tiny.png Northeast of the Terrorbird pen, next to the peak.
Edgeville Next to Oziach's house.
Falador Outside the city's north entrance.
Fremennik Province member badge tiny.png The wilderness between Rellekka and the Keldagrim entrance
Karamja Between Brimhaven Dungeon and Tai Bwo Wannai.
Lumbridge Gates of Lumbridge Castle courtyard.
Lunar Isle member badge tiny.png Within the town. Requires Lunar Diplomacy to unlock.
Oo'glog member badge tiny.png North of the western gate.
Port Sarim Just south of the Fishing shop
Seers' Village member badge tiny.png North of the Ranging Guild.
Taverley Near the Pick and Lute Tavern.
Tirannwn member badge tiny.png South of the musician.
Varrock Outside the city's south entrance.
Wilderness Volcano member badge tiny.png Next to the musician.
Yanille member badge tiny.png Outside the town's west entrance.

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