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Reset your password with a registered email

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Why reset my password with my registered email?

By resetting your password using your registered email, you'll be resetting your password the quickest & most secure way possible!

If somebody knows your RuneScape password, you can reset it almost instantly with your email address and keep the account in your possession. Your email address acts as a self-help tool to return you to the game as quickly as possible.

How to reset your password with a registered email

cs - support menu - account recovery.png

  • Please enter your login details (this may be the email address you created the account with). This is not your display name.

cs - account recovery.png

  • You will then be asked to enter the email address currently registered to the account. If you did not set this registered email, click here for more advice. You have 6 attempts to correctly enter the registered email address. After 6 incorrect attempts, you will have to wait 1 hour to try again.

cs - enter registered email.jpg

  • An email will be sent to your registered email address with the subject 'Reset your RuneScape Password'. When checking your email account please remember to check your junk/spam folders. This email should only take ten minutes to reach your inbox, but may take up to one hour to be received.

cs - email sent inbox.png

  • Click the URL found in the email you’ve received
  • Enter a brand new (never used elsewhere) password onto your account

cs - enter new password.JPG

  • The change should be complete – head back into game. You will receive confirmation of the change via email.

Congratulations on changing your password.

If you are looking for more information on changing your password, please visit the main FAQ page which can be found here.