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I can't log into the Game

I can’t type my username and password into the box

This is easily fixed, so don’t worry. If you’re able to load the game but unable to type your username and password in then please use the following steps in order to try and rectify the problem:

Clear Temporary Internet Files

Try Another Internet Browser

Reinstall/Update Java

When I log in, it takes me to a new screen ‘Error_game_crash’

This error can be caused by a number of problems, all which should be easily resolved by following the below steps:

Clear Jagex Cache

Update/Reinstall Graphics drivers

Allocate memory to Java

Update/Reinstall Java

Download the RuneScape Client

Use a different browser

I can login but I’m told ‘My account has not logged out from the previous session’

If any of our servers go offline whilst you are playing then this message is likely to be displayed and is nothing for you to be worried about.

When our servers go offline they are unable to submit ‘logout packets’ to our login servers. As a result the login servers will be unaware that the connection has been terminated and not remove your character from the game.

It can take a minimum of around 30 minutes for the login servers to recognise the connection loss, or until our servers have been restored.

I can login but I’m told my character is ‘currently in a members only section’

This problem is likely due to your membership having lapsed whilst you were playing in one of the members only areas.

In order to resolve the problem you will need to purchase more membership via many of our different payment methods.

Should you not wish to purchase further membership then please contact our Billing Support Team who should be able to have your character moved to a section of the Free 2 Play world.

I can login but I’m told ‘My account has been disabled’

This sounds like a problem with your membership payments. Not to worry, this is where the Billing Support Team are here to help.

I can login but I’m told ‘my membership has been frozen’

This sounds like a problem with your membership payments. Not to worry, this is where the Billing Support Team are here to help.

I clicked ‘play’ from lobby and the game screen turned black

Visit The Game Screen Turned Black section for a solution to this.

My username/password is wrong or isn’t accepted

You can reset your password on the Account Recovery page.

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