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Ice Barrage

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Members iconIce Barrage
Description unknown [Edit]
Magic Level Unknown [Edit]
XP Unknown [Edit]
Spellbook Ancient Spellbook
Runes wrune.gif x5 blrune.gif x2
Element Unknown [Edit]
Base damage Unknown [Edit]

Ice barrage (often just called barrage, but this sometimes creates confusion) is the strongest ice spell on the Ancient magicks spell book, requiring 94 magic. To cast this spell, 6 water, 2 blood, and 4 death runes are required. Currently, it is one of the most expensive spells in the game, costing over 2,500 coins to cast. It is a multi target spell, hitting up to 9 enemies at once. A tome of frost, any variation of a staff of water, or steam staff may be used to substitute the water runes. 52 experience is given per cast, along with 0.2 experience being added per life point of damage (e.g. a 100 hit will give 72 experience). A cheaper alternative to this spell is the ice burst, requiring 70 magic. Again, this spell is also a multi combat spell.

When casted the first time, if it hits, an animation on the enemy is shown where they are incased by a rectangular prism of ice. The enemy is also frozen in place for 20 seconds. On the second and later, until the enemy is no longer frozen, the animation will look like a blue sphere with yellow or white sparks. Because of the time of the freeze, it is often used in PvP activities, as it binds the enemy, along with doing damage.

Ice barrage can hit a maximum of 300 damage without any added bonuses (robes, potions, staves, etc). In Castle Wars, the maximum hit is 735, if using profound armour, have the effect of a castle wars bracelet, arcane stream necklace, chaotic staff, and using a extreme magic or overload potion and casting the spell on a flag holder. Outside of Castle Wars and Slayer tasks, the max hit is 490. Because of this high-hitting spell, it can be ideal for stunning and killing an enemy.

As with all spells on the ancient spell book, it requires completion of the Desert Treasure quest.

In Training

Because it is a multi target spell, it is ideal for training. Many players choose to cast this spell on mummies in the chaos tunnels, on skeletons in the Ape Atoll dungeon, rock lobsters, or on other players in minigames such as Soul Wars, Castle Wars, Stealing Creation, and many others.

The main use of training with this spell is on rock lobsters. This is because the lobsters have a high charm drop rate, in multi combat, and have a spot so they can stack on top of each other. This allows the caster to get up to 400,000 experience per hour (although 200,000 is about average), and many charms. The charms are then used in summoning.

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