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Igneous jadinko

Members iconIgneous jadinko
igneous jadinko.gif
Released 24 November 2010
Location Herblore Habitat south
Trap marasamaw plant
Bait Withered vine (optional)
Level 74 Hunter
XP 465 Hunter
Drops {{#ifexist: 100% Marble vine
vine bush seeds | [[{{ucfirst:100% [[Marble vine]]
vine bush seeds}}]] | {{ucfirst:100% Marble vine
vine bush seeds}} }}
Examine A plant creature with stone-like skin.

The Igneous jadinko has stony grey skin and drops a vine of marble, used in brewing every Farmer's favorite herb yield enhancer: juju farming potion. He is also known to drop lergberry and kalferberry bush seeds. This subspecies of jadinko can be trapped using marasamaw plant traps in his southern area range by Hunters of at least level 74.

His stony nature makes him particularly reticent, and he has quite extensive requirements to appear. Fortunately, Astlayrix can be of great help where this particular jadinko's combination is concerned.

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