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Imp Catcher

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The Wizard Grayzag has summoned hundreds of little imps. They have stolen a lot of things belonging to the Wizard Mizgog, including his magic beads.

Quest Information

imp catcher.jpg
Inside the Wizards' Tower with Mizgog
Imp Catcher
Difficulty Novice
Length Medium
  • None
  • None
Starting Quest start
Start point Second floor of Wizards' Tower
To start Speak to Wizard Mizgog

Development Team

Content Team
Developer: Paul Gower
Conversion: Simon B
QuestHelp: Nishal K
Audio Team
Audio: Ian T
Content Team
Developer: Greg V
Graphics Team
Graphics: Matthew M
Quality Assurance Team
QA: Ben L


Main article: Imp Catcher - Spoilers

Walkthrough Rewards Synopsis
A step-by-step guide through the quest. Rewards for completing this quest. An outline of the plot and lore of this quest.


The following quests require Imp Catcher to be completed:

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