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Imperial Guard Quartermaster

This article is about the NPC who formally dealt with daily challenge hand-ins. For For the NPC who currently performs this task, see Challenge Mistress Fara.
Imperial Guard Quartermaster
imperial guard quartermaster.gif
Released 19th September 2012
Race Human
Members No
Location Burthorpe
Examine Manages Challenges and gives out rewards for completing them.

The Imperial Guard Quartermaster - or Captain Haskell - accepted daily challenge hand-ins before his removal from the game on 17th February 2014 [1]. The items produced for these challenges were taken from you (whether they are in your inventory or bank) and you were then given a reward. If no items were needed for the challenge, Captain Haskell would simply check whether you had completed the challenge or not. You could hand in noted items if you found this easier.

Captain Haskell was added back into the game on September 12th 2014 as part of a Treasure Hunter promotion. Outraged with being replaced as challenge master, he tasks players with specific Rival Challenges via challenge tokens which can be found on Treasure Hunter between Friday 12th September 2014 01:00 BST to Tuesday 16th September 2014 00:59 BST.

These challenges can be in one of three skills:

Haskell will give you rewards for the tasks you complete for him, and can also accept completed challenge tokens that are in your bank.

Haskell can also offer you a raffle ticket in exchange for 10 of his challenge tokens. This exchange can only be performed twice a day and only during the promotional period.


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