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Your inventory is split into two to make managing your items simpler.

They are:

The backpack inventory section has 28 slots available for items; the equipped inventory section has 13 separate spaces for clothes and weapons and other adornments.

This gives you a grand total of 41 slots to use when you are out adventuring.


Main article: Backpack

Backpack interface

Although it can be resized or moved around the screen, the first time you see the all backpack it will likely resemble the image to the right. There are 28 slots which represent spaces in your backpack. You can only have 28 items in the backpack, but some smaller items will stack with each other and will therefore only take up one slot. If smaller items have been stacked a number at the top left of the slot indicates how many of that item are currently grouped together.

You can arrange the items in the inventory by clicking and holding down left mouse button over the item and dragging it to the spot in your inventory you want to move it to. Dragging an item onto another item will swap them with each other.

The coins icon at the bottom of the screen allows you to withdraw money from your Money Pouch and place it in your inventory. Click on the icon, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and press 'Return' on your keyboard.

The abacus icon at the bottom of the screen allows you to access the wealth evaluator interface, which tells you the value of your stored, held and worn items and currency, and allows you to announce the total in local, friends or clan chat. Note that access to this feature must be purchased at Solomon's General Store.

Worn Equipment

Main article: Worn Equipment

Worn Equipment interface
Worn Equipment interface

As with the backpack inventory, the worn equipment interface can be modified but will likely resemble the image to the right. There are thirteen separate slots, one for each type of weapon or clothing.

Armour and weapons are an important aspect of the game. The weaponry you are wielding can often make the difference between winning and losing a battle. To wield a weapon, go to your backpack and click on the item that you wish to wield. If the item can be worn it will then move to your worn equipment inventory.

To remove an item, left click on it or right-click on the slot you wish to change and select 'Remove' from the list.


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