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Iron dragon

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Iron dragon
Iron dragon
Its scales seem to be made of iron.
Location: Brimhaven Dungeon, Kuradal's Dungeon, Ghorrock Fortress, Daemonheim
Non-aggressive monster icon
Non-poisonous icon
Can be stunned icon
Can be leeched from icon
Can be shoved icon
Can be poisoned icon
? [Edit] ? [Edit]
Attack Strength Magic Ranged Defence
70 1 1 1 70
Level: 140
Attack style: Melee, Dragonfire
Max hit: Unknown [Edit]
Life points: 7500
Weakness: Water Water icon
Combat XP Constitution XP
Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Attack speed:
Fastest - 2.4 seconds
Always: 5 iron bars, dragon bones
Notable: Draconic visage, dragon platelegs, dragon plateskirt
Other: Unknown [Edit]
Slayer master: Sumona
Duradel or Lapalok
Slayer level: None
Slayer XP: 173.2

Iron dragons are a species of metal dragon with scales made of iron. They are stronger than bronze dragons but weaker than steel dragons, and are often found alongside the latter. Like all metal dragons they use biting attacks and dragonfire in combat, and can breathe fire over long distances. Because they have metallic skin, they are weak against magic attacks and in particular water-based spells.


Brimhaven Dungeon

A large number of iron dragons are found in the furthest chambers of Brimhaven Dungeon. To access the dungeon, a player will need to either own a pair of karamja gloves 3 or pay 875 coins for entry. A number of steel dragons also inhabit this cavern.

Players with level-80 Dungeoneering can also use the Brimhaven Resource Dungeon, the entrance to which is located on the west side of the iron/steel dragon room. There are a few iron dragons on the east side of this resource dungeon, separated from the steel dragons on the west side, making it easier to solely target irons.


Players who have reached a certain point in The Temple at Senntisten quest can access the ruined Ghorrock Fortress, located at the far north-west corner of the Wilderness. Here there are a number of iron dragons around the east and south sides of the outside of the fortress. There are three ways that people seeking to kill iron dragons may reach this location:

  1. Run through the Wilderness to the Frozen Waste Plateau and squeeze past the ice block there. This is the most dangerous route, due to player killers.
  2. For players who have completed The Tale of the Muspah, take the fairy rings to D-K-S, head north into the Rellekka Hunter Area and take the canoe on the west side. After reaching the canoe's destination, climb the hill to the east and squeeze past the ice block.
  3. For players who have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat, take the fairy rings to D-K-Q into the Baneore Cave, head north to exit the cave and keep travelling north across the Mahjarrat Ritual Site. Go through an icy tunnel entrance and climb over the fallen pillar. This route is recommended because using the Baneore Cave confers a small damage boost, thanks to energies from the Stone of Jas.

Kuradal's Dungeon

Four iron dragons are located in the central chamber of Kuradal's Dungeon, but these can only be attacked by players who have been assigned to slay iron dragons by Kuradal. To reach the dragons on foot, players must travel past hellhounds (aggressive), greater demons, blue dragons, gargoyles (aggressive), abyssal demons, dark beasts and possibly steel dragons.

With level-86 Agility the player may step over a low wall in the abyssal demons' chamber, and at level-90 Agility they may run across a gap in the hellhounds' chamber. These shortcuts should be exploited if the player has the required levels, as they save time when entering and leaving the dragons' chamber.


Iron dragons can be found on the Furnished Floors (18-29). This is the only way that free-to-play players can fight an iron dragon. The combat level and lifepoints of iron dragons in Daemonheim varies. Like all dragons in Daemonheim, these iron dragons can use magic in addition to their melee and dragonfire attacks.

Player owned houses

Pit iron dragons are available to players with level-97 Construction. They can only be built in a Treasure Room only, and cost 7.5 million coins. These iron dragons drop nothing, give no experience, and do not count towards Slayer assignments. They can however be used to charge a dragonfire shield. Pit iron dragons have a higher combat level but fewer lifepoints than their counterparts in other locations.


Like all metal dragons, iron dragons use a mixture of dragonfire and biting melee attacks when their target is in melee range. If the target moves away, the dragon will breathe fireballs over long distances. As with all dragons, players wishing to fight them should use a super antifire potion to negate their fiery breath, or a combination of antifire potions and anti-dragon shield/dragonfire shield if super potions are not available.

Because of their metallic scales, iron dragons are susceptible to magic and in particular water spells. A player using magic and super antifire potions (or regular potions and a shield) should never need to get into melee range - they can simply attack from a distance as the potion completely negates the dragon's breath.

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