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Jack of trades aura

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Members iconJack of trades aura
Jack of trades aura inventory icon
Gain XP in 10 different skills within 3 hours to receive a bonus XP reward.
Active 03:00:00
Cooldown 24:00:00
Cost 15,000 loyalty points
PvP Yes

The jack of trades aura allows you to receive a bonus XP reward if you gain XP in 10 different skills within 3 hours. It is active for 3 hours but has a cooldown of 24 hours (this resets at 00:00 GMT).

The aura is equipped in the aura slot of the worn equipment interface and it can be activated by right-clicking the aura, when worn, and choosing 'Activate aura'. Note that auras remain active even if you are logged out of the game. As with all auras, it will glow in your hand when it is activated.

You can see how long you have before you can use your aura again - the cooldown time remaining - by right-clicking the aura and choosing the 'Aura time remaining' option.

Once activated, you cannot deactivate your aura, you can however unequip it, but this will remove any remaining active time that it had left, and will not reset the cooldown. Instead, the remaining active time will be added to your cooldown time. For example, if you have 5 minutes left on your active aura time and a 5 minute cooldown, when you unequip your aura the total cooldown time will be 10 minutes.

Once XP has been gained in any 10 skills, and either the aura times out or is unequipped, talk to Xuan who will give you a reward book. The bonus XP reward provided by the book is calculated as skill level2 - (2 × skill level) + 100, and may be applied to any skill - the level of this skill is the one that dictates your bonus XP amount.

This aura cannot be activated if the reward from a previous activation has not been claimed and used.

There are other tiered versions of this aura: tier 3 and tier 4. In order to purchase a higher tier, all lower tiers must be purchased also.

Gaining the reward

There are many ways of getting the reward efficiently. One of these ways is to gain XP in Varrock, near Xuan.

  1. Obtain the runes for a Varrock teleport spell and a melee weapon (e.g. a dwarven army axe or a bronze sword).
  2. Equip your aura, and a melee weapon.
  3. Ensure you have balanced XP activated: press the powers button on the ribbon, or press F4, open the 'Combat Settings' tab and ensure that 'balanced XP' is selected for Melee.
  4. Activate the aura and teleport to Varrock using the spell. This provides Magic XP.
  5. Chop two normal trees, burn one log and fletch the other. This provides Woodcutting, Firemaking and Fletching XP.
  6. Pickpocket a Varrock guard, and kill him with balanced XP active for melee, bury the bones the guard drops. This provides Thieving, Constitution, Strength, Attack, Defence and Prayer XP.
  7. Unequip your aura and run to Xuan to claim your reward.


  • Before December 3rd 2013, the cooldown for this aura began to count down after it was activated, meaning that it could be reused at exactly the same time the next day.

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