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Kalphite Emissary

squid cape icon.png The content on this page is available through Solomon's General Store. If you would like access to this feature in game, you will need to purchase it through the store.

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Kalphite Emissary
Kalphite Emissary outfit
Price 240 runecoins
216 runecoins Members icon
Examine Infiltrate kalphite society (but without the dung-rolling) in this gnatty costume.

A cosmetic override for your appearance that is available from Solomon's General Store.

The outfit includes:

  • Antennae (head slot)
  • Robes top (body slot)
  • Lower robes (legs slot)
  • Boots (boots slot)
  • Gloves (gloves slot)
  • Wingcape (cape slot)

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