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Kalphite Hive

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The Kalphite Hive is NOT the safest place in Gielinor. Aside from the soldiers and guardians that can poison you, this hive contains the Kalphite Queen. The Kalphite Queen is one of the toughest monsters in Gielinor, and she can inflict incredible amounts of damage, sometimes constantly. Please only bring items into the hive you are willing to lose.


kalphite intro1a.jpg
Defeating the Kalphite Queen

Not to be confused with the Exiled Kalphite Hive, the Kalphite Hive is accessed via an opening in the desert. The ancient Kalphite Empire has made its home here, where the dust and heat of the lands above allow only the most determined of adventurers' passage.

While the walk around the kalphite tunnels may seem punishing enough to most, at the end of the tunnel lies a beast with tremendous power, waiting to unleash it on anyone who dares to attack her. The Kalphite Queen, level 200, enjoys two things the most: killing individuals and killing teams. You have been warned...


kalphite location.jpg
Location of the Kalphite Hive

To get to the Kalphite Hive, you must enter the desert. The easiest way to do this is from the Shantay Pass. The Shantay Pass is located south of Al Kharid.

The entrance is due west of the Shantay Pass, and is really a short run. If you are lucky and fast, the heat of the desert will not affect you. You will require a rope to enter the dungeon, which will be used in the process.

Alternatively, those with access to Dorgesh-Kaan will be able to find a tunnel in the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon that leads through to the Kalphite Hive, emerging near the kalphite soldiers.

Please note: To enter the second tunnel into the Kalphite Queen area, you will need a second rope, so ensure you and anyone you bring with you has the necessary supplies.

Points of Interest

kalphite points.jpg
Interesting areas of the Kalphite Hive
blue circle.png

yellow circle.png

Entrance to the queen's lair
green circle.png

Exit to the queen's lair
magenta circle.png

Kalphite queen
red circle.png

Kalphite guardians
purple circle.png

Kalphite soliders
orange circle.png

Kalphite workers

The map to the left shows the layout of the kalphite area. The workers are the lowest level kalphite that you can attack. They are good prey if you have a lower Combat level and are hunting kalphites for Slayer.

Going deeper into the tunnels, you will meet kalphite soldiers. There is a large room full of kalphite soldiers. It is here you will find a few potato cactus spawnpoints, useful for higher-level herbalists.

Continuing round, you will no doubt spot two huge guardians guarding a second tunnel entrance. If you have another rope, you can go down into the Kalphite Queen chamber.


Weird Old Man
weird old man.gif
Who knows how this crazy old man got here, but if you chat with him, you may learn why he is the way he is... He has ventured too deep into the unknown and (luckily) lived to tell the tale, warning adventurers and hunters of the perilous dangers below.
The Weird Old Man can be found just outside the hive, near the well you use your first rope with.


There are no quests to start in the Kalphite Hive.

The Kalphite Empire

Kalphite worker ( Level 108 | Weak to weak to water.gif ) Kalphite soldier ( Level 120 | Weak to weak to water.gif )
kalphite worker.gif
Kalphite workers are the lowest attackable form of kalphite you will come across in the hive. They are not poisonous, and not really dangerous. If you are a lower level, watch out as they may be aggressive towards you.
kalphite soldier.gif
Kalphite soldiers are just like normal soldiers: toughened and good in a fight. These should be considered dangerous; they will pinch away at you, inflicting poison as well as the normal damage. If you are looking to fight these, it is wise you bring Antipoison.
The workers can be found busying themselves in the entrance area, or are summoned by the Kalphite Queen. Kalphite soldiers are found a little further around the tunnels.
Kalphite guardian ( Level 140 | Weak to weak to water.gif )
kalphite guardian.gif
The highest threat of the 'normal' kalphites. These monsters enjoy nothing more than giving you a firm pinch, which not only damages, but inflicts poison. They should not be underestimated by any means, and should only be engaged if you think you are strong enough to take them on.
Kalphite guardians are found at the entrance to and within the queen's lair.

The Kalphite Queen

Kalphite queen ( Level 200 | No weakness )
kalphite queen.png
First Form
You will have no trouble finding the Kalphite Queen when you enter her chamber. She is massive - the biggest kalphite by far - and will always be on the hunt, so it is wise to find her before she finds you.

While the Queen does not pray to any gods, she is naturally immune to certain forms of attack. In her first form she is resistant to Magic and Ranged attacks, and will happily eat any adventurer foolish enough to try.

kalphite queen (flying).png
Second Form
Once you have defeated the first form of the Kalphite Queen, she will open up and her second form will fly out.

In her second form she is no longer resistant to Magic or Ranged attacks, but as she flies above the ground she is resistant to melee attacks. This means of course you will have to use Ranged or Magic attacks against her.

In both forms she is tough to fight, and will use Magical, Ranged and melee attacks against you, all which can hit for a large amount.


For killing the Kalphite queen, there is a chance that some of the items below will be dropped. Note that rarity of the drop is established as follows:

Common 1 in 10 chance
Uncommon 1 in 100 chance
Rare 1 in 1000 chance
Very Rare 1 in 10000 chance

There is also an uncommon chance that you will get an item from the Rare Drop Table.


Image Name Quantity Price (each) Drop rate
rune chain.gif Rune chainbody 2 1113 coins Uncommon
dragon chainbody.gif Dragon chainbody 1 3140 coins Rare


Image Name Quantity Price (each) Drop rate
rune spear.gif Rune spear 2 1247 coins Uncommon
rune warhammer.gif Rune warhammer 2 1347 coins Uncommon
lavabstaff.gif Lava battlestaff 2 3053 coins Uncommon
dragon 2handed1a.gif Dragon 2h sword 1 7158 coins Rare


Image Name Quantity Price (each) Drop rate
nrune.gif Nature rune 200 to 300 561 coins Common
crune.gif Cosmic rune 200 to 300 564 coins Uncommon
blrune.gif Blood rune 200 to 300 565 coins Uncommon
drune.gif Death rune 200 to 300 560 coins Uncommon
lrune.gif Law rune 200 to 300 563 coins Uncommon


Image Name Quantity Price (each) Drop rate
coins.gif Coins 60000 - 80000 N/A Common
rune arrow.gif Rune arrow 100 892 coins Uncommon
Shark 14 385 coins Uncommon
wineofzam.gif Wine of zamorak 10 - 30 245 coins Uncommon
Oyster pearls 20-50 413 coins Rare
mounted kq2.gif Kq head 1 N/A Rare


  • Cats can chase the kalphite larva found in and around the hive.
  • The Kalphite Queen drops the most sought after chainbody in the game: the dragon chainbody.
  • Some warriors have ventured into the hive with dragon two-handed swords to fight the Queen. None have returned, so she may drop one of these sought-after swords on the rare occasion.

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