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Kalphite Queen

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Members iconKalphite Queen
Form One
Form Two
The queen's first formThe queen's second (flying) form
I don't think insect repellent will work...
Location: Kalphite Hive
Aggressive monster icon
Non-poisonous icon
Stun immunity icon
Can be leeched from icon
Can be shoved icon
Can be poisoned icon
? [Edit] ? [Edit]
Attack Strength Magic Ranged Defence
70 1 70 70 70
Level: 200
Attack style: Crush Crush icon
Max hit: 980
Life points: 40000
Weakness: No weakness
Combat XP Constitution XP
Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Attack speed:
Fastest - 2.4 seconds
Always: None
Notable: Dragon chainbody
Other: Unknown [Edit]
Slayer master: Mazchna or Achtryn
Duradel or Lapalok
Slayer level: 1
Slayer XP: 1374

The Kalphite Queen is one of the most dangerous monsters in RuneScape, and is best known for dropping the Dragon chainbody.


Items to bring: Strong melee armour: Fighter's torso/Bandos' chestplate, Slayer helmet(if on slayer task)/Helm of neitiznot, Dragon platelegs/Bandos' skirt, Rfd gloves,Dragon boots, Fire cape/Trimmed skill cape/Soul wars cape, Amulet of fury/Amulet of glory, Ring of vigour/Berserker ring (i)/Ring of wealth.

Weapon for first form: Keris (p++) and Dragon defender Weapon for second form: Chaotic maul (or Verac's armour set)

Inventory: Extreme attack, Extreme strength, Extreme defence, 1 Prayer potion, 1 Antipoison++, food (Lobsters will do, but replace them with Monkfish if you don't feel comfortable with lobsters), runes for Vengeance.

Optional: Unicorn stallion pouch and Healing aura scrolls

What to do:

  1. Activate Deflect magic and Turmoil.
  2. Run towards Kalphite queen while trying to lure her into a corner.
  3. Attack until you need to eat.
  4. Move under her so she can't attack you and eat.

The keris should hit with an average damage of 300 to 400, killing her first form very quickly. Switch to maul to finish off her second form.

Preceded By Strongest monster in RuneScape Succeeded By
King Black Dragon
Kalphite Queen

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