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Released 22nd July 2013
Race Human
Location Lumbridge
Examine A tough-looking woman, observing the battlefield.

Kara-Meir is a member of The Godless faction. She will tell you about The Bird and the Beast event, and let you change sides in the battle. Previously she allowed you to change sides in The Battle of Lumbridge event.

As a younger woman, Kara-Meir was an adventurer where she achieved some renown. She is a practical woman who cares about those close to her.

Kara-Meir is very angry and very sad over the war that is destroying her homeland for (in her eyes) the selfish gain of the gods. Currently she hates all gods and wants to kill them all. She knows she currently lacks the power, however, and this makes her more angry with them. This anger is prevalent in her conversation; she uses this, consciously or not, to suppress the sadness she'd otherwise display. She is not averse to shouting if that would achieve her goals.

Since the death of the god Guthix, and the return of the other gods, Kara-Meir has helped to form a small group of similarly-motivated sentient beings; The Godless. The faction is small and weak, so they are wary about revealing their presence and motivations too easily, as it may lead to their downfall.


Betrayal at Falador

Kara-Meir's adventures began when she was a mere child, when Lord Sulla raided her village because her father attracted them for being a former White Knight. There, she lost both her parents, and she was scarred deeply. She ran away to safety, and was later in the care of the dwarves, adopted by Master Phyllis. Years later, she set out to hunt the Kinshra and Lord Sulla, prepped with an Adamant sword, and her father's Ring of Life.

With a failed first attempt to kill Sulla, despite having killed several of his men, she retreated to Falador with the help of the Ring of Life. There, she was unconscious during that cold winter storm, discovered by the White Knights and taken in.

Return to Canifis

Word of her name got around through Varrock that she was there, staying over at the Blue Moon Inn, but she wasn't. Kara-Meir, with the company of Gar'rth, Arisha, and Doric, have been on the search for former Kinshra leader Sulla in the Wilderness.

Legacy of Blood

As the five heros return from the lands of Morytania, the are greeted in a hardly welcome manner. They all discover Sulla is being treated as the new hero, for dispatching the Wyrd that's been causing havoc among the citizens of Varrock.


Previously, she came from Kandarin in the company of Ux, a demon neither Zaros nor Zamorakian, on a mission to Lumbridge about a portal that has opened. Who came through was Zamorak, and in the moment Saradomin to intervene him.

At the moment, during the second World Event, she can be talked to north of Falador by the lodestone. If asked who she is, there are options about herself, the Godless, and Theodore. It can be highly believed now that Theodore is indeed dead, died before the Sixth Age came. How Kara-Meir can sound now is more hot-headed and violent, as she granted the Godless to make a stand to attack either god's followers.

Stone of Jas

If completed Missing, Presumed Death, Kara-Meir will mention the Stone of Jas being offered to who kills the most gods. This came to her as an opportune ideal to be rid all the gods, to use the Stone to gain more power than them. There were options of saying either it's good or bad of what she thinks, but she doesn't respond, either shows pride or has a second thought.

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