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Kharidian Desert

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Kharidian Desert
A map of the Kharidian Desert
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Area Gielinor
Quest required No

The Kharidian Desert is a vast and arid region of southwest Gielinor, with Al Kharid at its northernmost point and the cities of Menaphos and Sophanem at its southernmost point. The Bandit and Bedabin Camps form the western border, while the Uzer Mastaba is at the extreme east.

While Al Kharid is available to all players, everything south of the Shantay Pass is only available to members. The desert south of the pass will quickly dehydrate travellers not carrying suitable protection from the baking sun, though the various settlements in this land offer a safe haven.

Towns and cities

Al Kharid Bandit Camp Bedabin Camp Menaphos
The desert city. A collection of unfriendly desert folks. A camp of much more friendly nomads. A sealed city.
Monkey Colony Nardah Pollnivneach Sophanem
A colony for displaced monkeys. A dry town in the Kharidian Desert. Ali, Ali everywhere. The quarantined city.
Ruins of Uzer Ullek
Shattered by the forces of Zamorak. Destroyed remains of an ancient city.


Dominion Tower Duel Arena Jaldraocht Pyramid Jaleustrophos Pyramid
Face your former foes. Fight fellow players for fame and prizes! Imprisoning an ancient power. An attraction for agile tourists.
Jalsavrah Pyramid Mage Training Arena Uzer Mastaba
Filled with traps and treasure. Enhance your skills in the art of the magi. Flat topped pyramid guarding secrets of the long dead.

Points of interest

Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede Brilliant colony Desert Mining Camp Exiled Kalphite Hive
Home of an order of Saradominist nuns. Home to the brilliant wisps needed for the Divination skill. An open cast quarry mine in the heart of the desert. Home of the exiled kalphites.
Kalphite Hive Kalphite Nursery Luminous colony Menaphos Hunter Area
Home of the Kalphite empire. Something smells very bad in there... Home to the luminous wisps needed for the Divination skill. Hunt for crimson skillchompas in this hunting area.
Shantay Pass Sophanem Dungeon Western Desert
Controlled for cash, a choke point and transport hub. Traps and trials await. The Bandit and Bedabin camps.

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