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King Awowogei

Members iconKing Awowogei
King Awowogei
Released 6 December 2004
Race Monkey
Quests Monkey Madness
Recipe for Disaster
Do No Evil
Location Ape Atoll
Examine A rather dapper little monkey sitting on a throne.

King Awowogei is the ruler of Ape Atoll. Players first meet Awowogei during Monkey Madness and trick him into believing he is forming an alliance with the monkeys on Karamja. Later, during Do No Evil, players convince Awowogei to establish a colony in the Kharidian Desert with the promise of bringing back delicious chimp ices.

Awowogei also serves as an ambassador to the RuneScape Council during Recipe for Disaster. To free him from the Culinaromancer's power, players must obtain the recipe for a stuffed snake from the wise monkeys Mizaru, Iwazaru and Kikazaru.

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