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Let Them Eat Pie

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The poor people of Burthorpe are not only being attacked from without - from the trolls of Death Plateau - but they are being attacked from within, as they slowly starve from a lack of food. Yet, there are vegetables in the fields and stock on the shelves, so why aren't the poverty-struck getting their fair share? Investigate and make sure that bellies are filled in a quest that will sicken you to your stomach.

Quest Information

let them eat pie.jpg
Who ate all the pies?
Let Them Eat Pie
Difficulty Novice
Length Short
Members No
  • None
  • None
Start Point Taverley
To Start Talk to Nails Newton, outside the Pick and Lute Tavern in Taverley.

Development Team

Developer: Anthony W
Design Review: Tim F, Mark O, David O
Walkthrough: David O
Characters: Alec V, Zoltan H, Mark C, Manu L, Bajinder S, Damian C
Environment: Alex R, Joe R, Stephen W
Animation: Wing C, Dave C, Chris W, Hing C, Henrik W, Stuart O, Simon P, Gurpreet K
UI: Rakesh M, Thomas G
Concepts: Pascal B, Paolo P, Giuseppe G, Neil R, Yann B
Quality Assurance:
QA: James H, Jon-Paul S, Jamie B, Ashley S, Alex D, Scott T
Audio: Stephen L, Adam B, Ian T, Mike M

Development History

Let Them Eat Pie was announced in the Behind the Scenes for January 2011. The preview quote from the article was:

"[In this quest]... a particularly unpleasant war profiteer gets his just deserts...so to speak."[1]

The quest release was part of a wider revamp to the areas of Burthorpe and Taverley and also included Troll Warzone and 47 new Tasks designed as a members tutorial.


  1. 1 Website: Troll Warzone


Rewards Walkthrough Synopsis
Rewards for completing this quest. A step-by-step guide through the quest. An outline of the plot and lore of this quest.

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