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Living Rock Caverns

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The creatures that inhabit these caverns are strong and aggressive, and won't hesitate to protect their home from interloping fishers and miners. Their attacks are boot trembling, and you should make sure you are wearing something defensive if you are going around here.
worldmap globe.gif The official world to play Living Rock Caverns is 84. worldmap globe.gif


living rock caverns.jpg
Soon-to-be-dead living rock

Another consequence of Ice Mountain's melting peaks has been discovered deep within the Dwarven Mine. Running ice water has eroded away some rocks and opened up access to an ancient cavern rich in ores and minerals. Despite having been sealed off for hundreds of years, the caverns are teeming with life - including the rocks themselves!


living rock caverns location.jpg
Location of the Living Rock Caverns

At the northern end of The Dwarven Mine is a rope climb down into the caverns. The rope leads down into the safety of Farli's base camp, him being the dwarf who discovered the caverns. Farli may not be the Drunken Dwarf, but he's a contender for the crown, so hasn't yet made much of his discovery, leaving the way open for intrepid explorers.

There are entrances to the Dwarven Mine at the foot of Ice Mountain and in north-east Falador. Alternatively in Falador, you can use the Mining Guild entrance, or teleport to the guild with a necklace of skills. The mine cart system also provides a convenient transport link to and from Keldagrim, if you wanted to take your newly mined ores to the Blast Furnace.

Points of Interest

living rock caverns dungeon features.jpg
Map of the Living Rock Caverns

The Living Rock caverns are filled with living rocks. Over the centuries, trapped in their own little ecosystem, the rocks themselves have somehow developed sentience and even a rudimentary tribal society. They may not be particularly evolved as a species, but don't mistake that for a lack of intelligence. They're smart enough to know that stones break bones and will defend their subterranean home against any outsiders.

The caverns are also home to other rocks - the type that aren't alive - that are rich in ores and minerals, more so than any known mining sites on the surface. These concentrated mineral deposits - 8 coal and 4 gold - can be continuously mined by experienced miners, and sometimes yield two ores at the same time, though they do occasionally collapse for a short time. To mine concentrated coal, 77 Mining is required, and to mine concentrated gold, 80 Mining is required.

A rocktail and a cavefish shoal on the same spot
A rocktail and a cavefish shoal on the same spot

Finally, the many pools of ice water now found in the cavern have become a home to two newly discovered species of fish - the cavefish and the rocktail. Both should prove useful to adventurers as they offer both good healing and can boost certain combat skills. A fishing rod and some bait are necessary to catch cavefish, while rocktails require a new type of bait - living minerals, mined from defeated living rock creatures! In order to fish cavefish you must have a fishing level of 85, and to fish rocktails you must have a fishing level of 90.

Lots of people are fishing and mining.


Farli is a very literal-minded and matter-of-fact dwarf, telling it like it is, and not a jot more. Exactly like it is. So exactly like it is that it's obvious. He doesn't recognize sarcasm, leading questions or any other such subtleties. Absolutely none of this has anything to do with him liking a drink or two.
Farli can be found at the center of the Living Rock Caverns at his base camp.


There are no quests to start in the Living Rock Caverns.

Live Rocks

Living rock protector ( Level 92 | Weak to weak to water.gif ) Living rock striker ( Level 92 | Weak to weak to crush.gif )
Living rock protector Protectors are bulky and strong, preferring to engage in close combat with their massive rock fists.
Living rock striker Despite probably being stronger than protectors, strikers prefer to fight at range by throwing rocks at their foes. Strikers can also attack with melee if you are within their melee attack range.
Protectors can be found throughout the caverns. Strikers can be found throughout the caverns.
Living rock patriarch ( Level 95 | Weak to weak to water.gif )
Living rock patriarch Patriarchs are the elders of the living rock race. If their humungous size didn't give it away, the damage these monsters inflict will. Luckily, patriarchs will only make their presence known on rare occasions - if, say, the other living rock creatures haven't managed to scare off outsiders for a while, that's when these hulking beasties will wade in. As with the other living rocks, once defeated they can be mined for living minerals in the same way.
Patriarchs spawn erratically, every two to three hours, and they will normally appear in the south-west, south east, and north-east corners of the Living Rock Caverns.


  • Near to the rope that leads back up to the Dwarven Mine is a handy pulley lift. Burdened adventurers can use this device to deposit items directly into their bank.
  • Worlds 84, 88 and 77 are the unofficial worlds for the Living Rock Caverns. Players often visit these worlds, due to the large number of players there, who provide protection from the dangerous and aggressive Living Rock Strikers and Living Rock Protectors.

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