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Local Moderators - or LMods - are members of Jagex partners’ staff in chosen territories. They will be managing their designated community and can be found in-game and on the forums in certain localised game worlds.

LMods are there to assist new players, organise events, run competitions, engage and protect the community in-game and on the forums. LMods cannot give free items or trade with other players.

We currently have LMods on the Portuguese versions of the game and forums. In the future we might expand this feature to other partners in different territories/languages.

Becoming an LMod

The only way to become a Local Moderator is if you are part of the Community Management Team working for one of our official partners. Currently, partners with Local Mods are Gamerica/UOL.

LMods do not replace PMods or FMods, instead they act as members of the Community Management team who are usually in-game for special occasions.

Identifying an LMod

l-mod chat.jpg
A Local Moderator chat message

Local Moderator characters look no different from any other players when they are in-game, and like other players they can be any level. When a Local Moderator speaks they are very easy to identify, as you will always see a small purple crown next to their name when they type a message. This crown shows in all the chat types including private messages and Quick Chat.

l-mod forum.png
A Local Moderator forum post

Whenever a Local Moderator makes a forum post, their text will appear on a purple background and they will have a purple crown beneath their name.

When you see a Local Moderator in-game, they will endeavour to answer any questions you may have if they are able to. Sometimes however they may be busy running an event or even investigating a possible bug so If a Local Moderator does not respond then please do not be offended, as they will be working at making the game better for everyone.

If you do not get an answer to your question, you should check the Game Guide for the information you were looking for if it is game related or Contact Us for any account/non-game help.

Local Moderator Tools

Local Moderators have direct channels to contact Jagex Staff. Local Moderators, just like all players, can report others when they see something that may harm the community. They are given guidance and have the additional ability to add a mute to a report for more serious issues. Jagex have a dedicated team who monitor and review every report received as a matter of priority to ensure that any actions taken by a Local Moderator are correct.

In addition to that, Local Moderators have some tools which facilitate organising and running in-game events.

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