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Locating the Altars

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When Runecrafting you can use your talisman like a compass to find the mysterious ruins that will teleport you to the matching altar. For example, you can use the mind talisman to direct you to the mysterious ruins which teleports you to the Mind altar.

To use the compass feature of the talisman, right-click on the talisman and select the 'Locate' option. It will tell you which direction you have to walk to find the corresponding mysterious ruins. The direction to take is displayed in the chat window, keep selecting the 'Locate' option until you arrive at the altar.

Once you have reached your location you will arrive at the mysterious ruins that hide the altar's presence from the mundane world around it.

Use your talisman with the ruins by right-clicking on it and selecting 'Use talisman'. Then click on the mysterious ruins. You will be teleported into the altar. If you are using a tiara to enter the ruins you need to left-click on the mysterious ruins and you will automatically enter.


The table below is a guide to help you locate the mysterious ruins (which teleport players to the altars), if you are having trouble.

Air Altar Mind Altar
air altar location1.jpg
mind altar location.jpg
Location:West of Varrock, near Siguard the canoe maker Location: North of Falador, west of the Ice Mountain.
Water Altar Earth Altar
water altar location1a.jpg
earth altar location.jpg
Location:Lumbridge Swamp. South East of Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon entrance. Location:North-east of Varrock, near the Jolly Boar Inn.
Fire Altar Body Altar
fire altar location.jpg
body altar location.jpg
Location:North of Al Kharid, west of the Duel Arena. Location:South of the Monastery, between Barbarian Village and the Dwarven Mine.
Cosmic Altar Chaos Altar
cosmic altar location1.jpg
chaos altar location.jpg
Location:Inside Zanaris, The Lost City. South-east of the bank at the end of the twisting passage. Location:North of Edgeville in the Wilderness, south of the Dark Warriors' Fortress. You will need to proceed through a maze. *
Astral Altar Nature Altar
astral altar location.jpg
nature altar location.jpg
Location:South-east area of Lunar Isle, reached on the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Location:South-east of Tai Bwo Wannai Village, north of Shilo Village on Karamja Island.
Law Altar Death Altar
law altar location.jpg
death altar location.jpg
Location:North-east Entrana
Ourania Altar
ourania altar location 1.jpg
ourania altar location 2.jpg
Location:West of the Battlefield.
Blood Altar
blood altar location.jpg
Location:Beneath Castle Drakan, reached during Legacy of Seergaze.


* You will be able to take a safe route through a tunnel to the chaos altar if you have completed What Lies Below.
* Using the Abyss will take you to these altars instantly.

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