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Lumbridge Castle

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Lumbridge Castle
Lumbridge Castle
A well-fortified stone-built castle
Area Lumbridge
Quest required No

Lumbridge Castle is a well-fortified stone-built castle managed by Duke Horacio as a vassal state under the kingdom of Misthalin. In RuneScape it is the first identifiable landmark a new player will see.


lumbridge castle location.jpg
Location of Lumbridge Castle

Lumbridge Castle is found standing proudly in the centre of the town.

Points of Interest

Gatehouse, Battlements & Walls

lumbridge intro1.jpg

The stone built walls, battlements and embedded gatehouse surround the courtyard and present a considerable obstacle to would-be attackers.


lumbridge castle courtyard.jpg

Ground Floor

lumbridge castle ground floor.jpg


lumbridge castle basement.jpg

For non-members, the Lumbridge Castle Cellar is of little value - containing only a couple of spiders and respawns of cabbage, some leather boots, a bucket, a knife, and a jug.

For members who have completed Lost Tribe, there is access to a mine (and via them, the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon). Recipe for Disaster unlocks a chest acting as a secondary bank for Castle (while not allowing access to Grand Exchange trades or returned items).

First Floor

lumbridge castle first floor.jpg

The first floor contains Duke Horacio (who provides the Anti-dragon shield as well as a number of questss, as well as NPC guards and an attackable Lumbridge citizen. It also contains a spinning wheel which can be used for Crafting.


Items & Scenery

Second Floor

lumbridge castle second floor.jpg

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