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Lunar Diplomacy - Spoilers

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Quest Details
Lunar Diplomacy
lunar diplomacy.jpg
The strange Moon Clan township
 Developer: Tim C, James B
Table of Contents
  1. Quest Details
  2. Quest Spoilers
    1. Walkthrough
    2. Rewards
    3. Synopsis

Get ready to be taken on a diplomatic mission between the Fremennik and the mysterious Moon Clan of Lunar Isle.

It's up to you to settle their dispute and bring peace to these lands. Along your mission you will travel with pirates in their giant sea galleon, explore a new magical island and journey into your very dreams!

To Start: Talk to Lokar on the docks of Rellekka.
Members Only? Yes.
Difficulty: Experienced Length: Medium
Combat: None
Completion of Lunar Diplomacy is required for the following quests, miniquests, tasks or minigames:
Quest Spoilers
Warning: Spoilers below
This section reveals the rewards and storyline for Lunar Diplomacy - Spoilers. Although the items are hidden within a spoiler tag, it is advised that you do not proceed further down the page.


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