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Magic is one of the most useful and versatile skills within Gielinor. Once you have learnt to use it properly, you'll find that it complements many other skills within the game, while also acting as an incredibly powerful tool in its own right.

There are two sides to Magic: combat and non-combat. The use of Magic in a fight may be vital in gaining the upper hand and ultimate victory. Outside of combat, Magic can be used to teleport around Gielinor quickly, used in combination with other skills, or even for making money out of items you have obtained or made yourself.

You will find that heavy armour, particularly metallic armour, conducts Magic. Mages will often find themselves more effective against a hand-to-hand fighter in full armour than other enemies. You will notice enemies in full metal armour will be hit harder by spells, and wearing heavy metal will negatively affect your ability to cast spells successfully. Unfortunately, while great against warriors, mages will find themselves weak against Ranged attacks.


Main article: Runes

To cast spells you will need the correct runes. Each type of rune contains a different type of power and is used when casting different types of spells, as shown below:

Toggle table of runes

Combination runes, such as steam rune count as 1 rune for each type of element bound within it. For example, a mist rune counts as 1 water rune and 1 air rune at the same time, meaning that you could cast Water Strike (Level 5 Magic: 1 water rune and 1 air rune to cast) with 1 mist rune.

For more information on how to obtain combination runes, please visit the Runecrafting section.

Casting Spells

Main article: Magic Abilities

Opening the Magic Abilities interface (available from the Powers interface under the Magic Powers tab) will show all of the spells and abilities available to you within your chosen spellbook (see Spellbooks).

The Magic Abilities interface has 4 tabs which you can use to select either Magic-based abilities, combat-spells, teleports or skilling-spells.

spell details.jpg
Hovering over a spell

A description of the spell and a list of which runes are required will be shown when you move your mouse over it. Each required rune has a number shown below a picture of it. This indicates how many of that rune is required in order to cast the spell. The number will be in red when you do not have enough of those runes.

If the picture of a spell is darkened, it means that either you do not have a high-enough level to cast it, or you do not have the runes in your inventory to do so.

There are two ways of casting combat spells. If you left-click on a spell's icon and then click on your desired target you will cast the spell once.

With a right-click you can 'autocast' it, this means it will replace your auto-attack until one of the following occurs: you elect to stop, you cast another spell, the opponent is defeated, or your rune supply runs out. While a spell is selected as an 'autocast spell' - it will have an outline around it on your magic spellbook - you will autocast that spell when you target your next opponent.

To stop selecting your autocast spell is very simple: just right-click its icon in your spellbook and select 'Auto-cast' again. You are only able to autocast combat spells. The default action for non-combat spells is single-cast.

Some spells can only be cast on monsters and players, while others can only be cast on yourself or items.


There are four spellbooks:

  • Standard Spellbook - This is the spellbook that all players have access to. It consists of combat related spells and teleports.
  • Lunar Spellbook - Upon completing Lunar DiplomacyMembers icon this spellbook will be unlocked. It consists of skilling related spells and teleports.
  • Ancient Spellbook - Upon completing Desert TreasureMembers icon this spellbook will be unlocked. It consists of combat related spells and teleports.
  • Dungeoneering Spellbook - Within the halls of Daemonheim, this spellbook will be used as a replacement for your chosen spellbook. It consists of combat related spells and teleports.

Spellbooks change which spells appear under the combat-spells, teleports and skilling-spells tabs, but do not affect Magic abilities.

Getting Magic Experience

Experience in Magic is provided to you each time you cast a non combat spell. When fighting a creature, experience is gained for damage done with spells as well as for casting the spell; this XP will be granted upon its death.

When you cast combat-related spells, there is a chance of failure. This is dependent on a few factors such as your magical attack bonuses, the magical defence bonuses of your opponent and your Magic level. If you fail to hit your opponent, you will still gain the base experience for casting the spell and you will still use the runes required to cast it, but you will see a 'splash' effect on your opponent showing the failure of the spell. The higher level spells are more likely to fail, but as your Magic ability improves, you will cast spells successfully more of the time.

Using the Magic Powers interface, you can choose where you want your XP to go. For Magic, your choices are:

Choice XP
Magic Defence
Balanced tick.gif tick.gif
Magic tick.gif cross.gif
Defence cross.gif tick.gif

The Wizards' Guild

Main article: Wizards' Guild

wizard rarve.gif

The Wizards' Guild is located in the centre of Yanille - South of Ardougne - and is only accessible to those whose Magic level is 66 or above.

As you enter the guild you will see Wizard Distentor, who is the head of the Guild. He is there to welcome you and to teleport you to the rune essence mine if you so wish.

Zavistic Rarve is the Grand Secretary of the Guild and is able to tell you what you can do while you are here.

To access the rune shop you will need to speak to the rune shop owner; he has a plentiful supply of runes and a selection of staves.

The second floor consists of three magic portals as well as a vial respawn on the table.

The portals lead to:

  • The east portal teleports you to the Wizards' Tower, south of Draynor Village.
  • The south portal teleports you to the Dark Wizards' Tower, north of the Crafting Guild.
  • The west portal teleports you to Thormac the Sorceror's house, just west of Catherby.

Don't forget to visit Wizard Frumscone in the dungeon area of the Guild. Here you will find a group of zombies in a cage, which you can practice your Magic on. If you wish to collect their drops, don't forget to bring runes to cast Telekinetic Grab.

Boosting Experience Gain

huge fallen star (magic).gif
The small, medium, large and huge fallen stars Members icon can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.

Training Hints and Tips

  • Try using your Magic alongside other skills. For example, high alching bows while Fletching, and enchanting jewellery during Crafting is fast and easy experience.
  • Save your coins and train your Runecrafting skill by crafting your own runes. Conversely, use an Elemental staff for infinite runes of that staff type.
  • Wear the appropriate Magic gear for the Magic bonus and to make spells more accurate.
  • It is possible to train all of your skills while Dungeoneering, and Magic is no exception. You are able to both find and make runes in Daemonheim, making it easy to practice your Magic on unsuspecting enemies. You can also gain Magic experience by completing magic skill doors.

Enchanted Crossbow Bolts

enchant crossbow bolt.jpg
Enchant bolt interface

If you have gem-tipped crossbow bolts you may like to try enchanting them. Each type of gem can have a different enchantment imbued into it which can unleash a special Ranged effect, so that certain bolts become far superior against certain foes.

In your spellbook you will discover the level 4 spell 'Enchant Crossbow Bolt'. This is a collection of spells that allows you to enchant whatever gem-tipped bolts you happen to have on you. As it is the gem that stores the enchantment, only gem-tipped bolts can be enchanted in this way.

As you can see, enchant bolt is not necessarily a level 4 spell, and you will need a higher Magic level in order to enchant the higher level bolts.

If you have the appropriate type of bolt equipped or in your inventory, as well as the requisite runes, you will be able to enchant your bolts. Each casting of the spell will enchant up to ten of the same type of bolt (it will only enchant fewer if you do not have ten equipped or in your inventory).

Magic Boosts

wizards mind bomb.gif
The Wizard's mind bomb is a drink that can adjust your Magic level. If your Magic level is 49 or below, the Mind Bomb will increase it temporarily by 2 levels. If your Magic level is above 49, your level will be boosted 3 levels temporarily. The mature version will increase your level by 3 or 4 levels. These items can be purchased from the inns at both Burthorpe and Falador.
magic potion.gif
It is also possible for members to drink potions to temporarily increase their level. A Magic essence potion will temporarily increase a player's Magic skill by 3 levels. Other potions will grant a boost based on the player's Magic level: a Magic potion will increase Magic by 1-8 levels, a Super magic potion by 2-13 levels, and an Extreme magic potion by 3-17 levels.
rocktail soup.gif
Created in Player-Owned Ports, this soup temporarily boosts combat stats in the Wilderness by 10%.
The Vecna skull can boost your Magic level by 6 when activated.
Magic cape inventory icon
The Magic cape, Magic cape (t) or Magic master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.
A red Spicy stew, amongst other things, has a random chance to increase your Magic level by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Magic. Of particular note is the Wolpertinger, whose special move boosts your Magic level.

Useful Items

chaos gauntlets.gif
Obtained as a reward from the Family Crest quest, Chaos gauntlets can increase the damage that bolt spells inflict by a maximum of 30.
scrimshaw of the elements.gif
The scrimshaw of the elements and superior scrimshaw of the elements last for 3 or 4 hours respectively and cause additional elemental damage for each successful Magic attack.
scrimshaw of magic.gif
The scrimshaw of magic and superior scrimshaw of magic last for 3 or 4 hours respectively and can increase your Magic critical hit chance. The normal scrimshaw increases this chance by 2.5% whereas the superior version increases this by 2.7%.
Dark magic aura inventory icon
The dark magic aura Members icon causes your damaging spells to have a chance to inflict additional damage on your opponent.
bolt blast box.gif
The Magical blastbox and celestial surgebox are arcane devices that absorb and store the runes that would be used to cast spells, meaning that you only have to use one inventory space when casting them. Choose a type of spell for your blastbox (bolt, blast) or surgebox (wave, surge) by right-clicking them and selecting 'Check/charge', or charge it with the required runes for a spell by clicking 'Charge'.

Casting your chosen type of spell will decrease the number of rune charges in the box. You may still use a staff in conjuction with the box to cast spells, and you may use non-stored runes in conjunction with runes from the box, as long as you are using them both to cast spells that are of the same type as the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Magic and Spells

1. Where can I get runes?

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8. If I cast the 'confuse' spell twice in a row, will my opponent's attack be reduced by 10% instead of 5%?

9. I have my spellbook set to Ancient Magicks and want to become a free-to-play player, do I have to change it back to normal Magic or will it be locked?

Enchanted Amulets and Necklaces

10. What does the binding necklace do?

11. What does the games necklace do?

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Enchanted Rings

14. What does the ring of stone do?

15. What power does the ring of wealth give you?

16. If I buy a ring of recoil from another player, is there any way for me to tell if it has been used a lot and is about to shatter? Or, when it is passed to someone else (traded), does it start new fully charged?

17. What does the ring of forging do?

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Mage Arena

110. What rewards do I get from the Mage Arena?

20. Do I need to take anything with me?

21. What level Magic do I need to start the Mage Arena?

23. There are spider webs blocking my way into the Arena, how do I get past them?

24. Is it possible to get another staff after I have selected my first staff?

25. I have lost my cape of Saradomin/Zamorak/Guthix and I was wondering if there was any way of getting it back?

26. If I have combination runes and normal runes in my inventory and I cast a spell, which runes will the spell use up?

See Also

Magic Related Skills

The following skills help with the Magic skill:

  • Prayer - Providing positive benefits to aid in your combat. For members, your Prayer List can also be swapped for Curses which can give negative effects to your enemies.
  • Summoning - If you are struggling to fend off more difficult enemies, the familiars that you can summon through the Summoning skill can help.

Magic Related Quests

For quests that give Magic experience as a reward, please refer to the Magic Rewards page.

Magic Related Minigames

The following minigames help with the Magic skill:

  • Mage Training ArenaMembers icon - Practice some non-combat spells in this building north of the Duel Arena and the guardians may give you some generous rewards and experience.

Magic Related Distractions & Diversions

The following D&Ds help with the Magic skill:

  • Tears of GuthixMembers icon - If Magic is your weakest skill, try the Tears of Guthix D&D.
  • Champions' ChallengeMembers icon - Although no reward experience is provided, this D&D will grant you the appropriate XP for using Magic to defeat the champions.

Magic Related Equipment

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