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Mahogany wardrobe

This article is about the Construction object built in a bedroom. For the flatpack version of this object, see Mahogany 'drobe. For the object built in a costume room, see Mahogany wardrobe (costume room).
Members iconMahogany wardrobe
Mahogany wardrobe interface icon
Construction Level 75
XP 420
Room Bedroom
Space Wardrobe
Examine Unknown [Edit]
Mahogany 'drobe
GE price 8620 coins

A mahogany wardrobe is an object that can be built in the bedroom of a player-owned house. Requiring level-75 Construction to build, it can be built in the wardrobe hotspot from three mahogany planks. This will provide 420 Construction XP.

The mahogany wardrobe allow your character to freely change their default foot, hand, arm, torso and leg items. It also allows your character to change the colour of their torso item.

A flatpack version of these objects can be built in the workshop using a bench with vice or better. The flatpack can be sold to shops, or to other players who want the wardrobe but cannot build it themselves. It can be assembled by using the flatpack on the wardrobe hotspot, an action which requires no Construction level but gives no experience.

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