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Major Mary Rancour

Members iconMajor Mary Rancour
Major Mary Rancour
Released 20th November 2012
Race Human
Quests Troll Warzone tutorial
Location Burthorpe
Examine Expert combatant and tactician.
Major Mary Rancour's chathead

Major Mary Rancour is the major of the Burthorpe Imperial Guard.

She can be found near Commander Denulth southeast of Burthorpe Castle.

You can talk to her to adjust when a shining beam of light will shine on your drops. You can pick a value for drop between 50,000 and 1 million coins. She will also replace a lost Dwarven Army Axe.


As with all tutors, players are able to get recommendations from Major Mary Rancour, some of which can teleport you to the start of quests that you can complete or that you have completed. The recommendations and the probable places they teleport you to are:

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