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One of the more interesting features of RuneScape is the ability to give your character a makeover. If you decide that you would rather like a new set of clothes, a different haircut or a better tan, the good people of RuneScape are here to help.

If, on the other hand, you'd prefer to do it yourself, you could try building a house. Some of the items that you can construct in your bedroom enable you to change your appearance.

The Hairdresser's Salon

Main article: Appearance

Location of the salon

The Hairdresser lives in Falador and can be found by keeping an eye out for his spinning, candy-striped barber's pole. He will gladly remodel your hair into the latest fashion, as well as providing a colour treatment. Of course, his skills are not limited to cutting the hairs on top of your head: he is fully trained in the art of beard trimming.

Asking for a hair cut will bring up the appearance interface where you will be able to pick your style and colouring. Note that, as well as hair options, men will be able to pick from different beard styles.

To change your hair or beard, select both the design and the colour you like and click the X in the top right corner. Most haircuts are free, and men - whose hairstyles are simpler - can also have their facial hair redesigned with every haircut, but some hair styles and beard designs are only available through Solomon's General Store.

If you change your mind and decide that you are actually quite pleased with your original hair or beard, simply click cancel in the bottom right corner.

Thessalia's Fine Clothes

Main article: Thessalia's Fine Clothes

Location of Thessalia's Fine Clothes

Thessalia is a long-standing resident of Varrock, with a history of supplying clothes to some of the city's finest citizens. Rather than simply covering your clothes with armour and robes to disguise your fashion mistakes of the past, you may prefer to have Thessalia remodel your wardrobe. For free, she will work on your upper body, hands and legs.

To change your clothes - either for your upper body, hands or legs - select both the design and the colour you like and click the "Free!" button. Note that your upper body may have both the body and arms redesigned. If you change your mind and decide that you are actually quite pleased with your clothes as they are, simply click the X in the top right corner.

Thessalia's Makeovers interface
Thessalia's Makeovers interface

The Make-over Mage

Main article: Make-over Mage

A map showing the location of the Make-over Mage
Location of the Make-over Mage

The Make-over Mage is one of the strangest characters you might encounter, and without peer in RuneScape, he - or she - is the only man - or woman - capable of changing either your gender or your skin colour. If you ever feel the urge to experience the other side of the gender divide, or to change your suntan, then the Make-over Mage's excellent all-in-one service is certainly for you. For the sum of 3,000 coins you can engage his - or her - talents and emerge from his - or her - house as a completely new person.

To change your gender click on one of the two portraits; by default this is set to your current gender. To change your skin colour select the colour you like from the bar in the middle of the window. Make sure you have chosen both your gender and your skintone before clicking 'Confirm': the Make-over Mage is friendly, but not noted for giving out refunds. Changing either or both of these will cost 3,000 coins. If you change your mind and decide that you are actually quite pleased with your body as it is, simply click the X in the top right corner.

Make-over Mage interface
Make-over Mage interface

Twenty three other skin colours are available through the chameleon extract potion.

Photo Booth

Main article: Photo Booth

photo booth.jpg
Location of the photo booth

The photo booth is located right near the Make-over Mage's house. Through the power of its magic you'll be able to take a snapshot of how you look - whatever you're wearing/wielding and how you look at the time - and display that snapshot next to any posts you make on the forums. For more information on the photo booth, its location and how to use it, see the main Photo Booth article.

A photo booth is also available to members in the dungeons of Daemonheim. Click here to find out more about constructing photo booths.

Yrsa's Shoe Store Members icon

Main article: Yrsa

A map showing the location of Yrsa's Shoe Store
Location of Yrsa's Shoe Store

Yrsa's Shoe Store in the far northern settlement of Rellekka sells boots in a delightful variety of colours and styles. For free, Yrsa will craft you a new pair of shoes to your specifications.

Note, however, that Yrsa's shoemaking talents are open only to those who have completed the The Fremennik Trials quest. As this quest is for members, and in a members' area, only members will be able to have their shoes redesigned.

To change your shoes, select the colour and style you like and click the "Free!" button. If you change your mind and decide that you are actually quite pleased with your shoes as they are, simply click the X in the top right corner.

Yrsa's Shoe Store interface
Yrsa's Shoe Store interface

Reinald's Smithing Emporium Members icon

Main article: Reinald

A map showing the location of Reinald's Smithing Emporium
Location of Reinald's Smithing Emporium

In the dwarven city of Keldagrim, deep beneath the mountains that the trolls call home, Reinald smiths the finest silver and gold armguards available in RuneScape. For 500 coins Reinald will craft you a new pair of armguards in the the design of your choice, in either silver or gold.

Note that you must have at least started The Giant Dwarf to gain access to Reinald's services.

To change your armguards select the design and material you like and click the thumbs-up icon. Changing your armguards will cost 500 coins. If you change your mind and decide that you are actually quite pleased with your armguards as they are, simply click the X in the top right corner.

The interface for Reinald's Smithing Emporium
Reinald's Smithing Emporium interface

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