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Making Arrows

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Starting Out

fletching options1a.jpg

You will need one arrow shaft, one arrow tip and one feather to make an arrow. All you need to do is use your knife on a log to open the Fletching menu and then simply select 'Arrow shafts' to begin Fletching.

Arrow shafts are made from normal logs. When making arrows shafts, you can make 15 shafts per set of normal logs.

You can obtain arrow tips by Smithing them or by purchasing them from the following locations:

You can obtain feathers either by killing chickens or buying them from:

Once you have the arrow shafts, combine these with feathers to make headless arrows.

arrow shaft.gif
Arrow shaft
+ feather.gif
= headless arrow.gif
Headless arrow

Then add arrow tips to the headless arrows to complete the arrow.

headless arrow.gif
Headless arrows
+ iron arrowheads.gif
Arrow tips
= iron arrow.gif

The table below displays the Fletching experience gained for making arrow shafts and headless arrows. For carving the arrow shafts a player would get 0.33 experience points per shaft. Then, when feathers are attached to the shafts, the player would get an additional 1.0 experience point per shaft. Therefore, a completed headless arrow would have earned the player 1.33 Fletching experience points.

Name Amount
(per set of logs)
Level XP
(per item)
arrow shaft.gif
Arrow shaft
15 1 Fletching 0.33
headless arrow.gif
Headless arrow
15 1 Fletching 1.0

Carving arrow shafts and adding feathers to them is a required stage for all arrows. The various types of arrow tips give players different experience points depending on the type of arrow being created with the tip.

Arrows Types

The table of arrows below details the Fletching level required to make each type of arrow by attaching the corresponding arrow tips to headless arrows, and the amount of Fletching experience gained per item.

For example, a player attaching iron arrow tips to headless arrows would gain 2.5 Fletching experience points per iron arrow. The entire process from start to finish would have earned the player 3.83 Fletching experience points per item - 1.33 (for making the headless arrow) + 2.50 (for attaching the iron arrow tip).

Name Amount
(per set of logs)
Level XP
(per item)
bronze arrow.gif
Bronze arrows
15 1 Fletching 1.3
iron arrow.gif
Iron arrows Members icon
15 15 Fletching 2.5
steel arrow.gif
Steel arrows Members icon
15 30 Fletching 5
mithril arrow.gif
Mithril arrows Members icon
15 45 Fletching 7.5
broad arrow.gif
Broad arrows Members icon
15 50 Fletching 15
adamant arrow.gif
Adamant arrows Members icon
15 60 Fletching 10
rune arrow.gif
Rune arrows Members icon
15 75 Fletching 12.5
baneore arrow.gif
Abyssalbane, Basiliskbane,
Dragonbane, Wallasalkibane arrows Members icon &
15 76 Fletching 12.5
dragon arrow.gif
Dragon arrows Members icon *
15 90 Fletching 15
dark arrow.gif
Dark arrows Members icon
15 95 Fletching 17.5

* Dragon arrows and arrow tips can be found by catching dragon implings in the Impetuous Impulses distraction and diversion.

& You must have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat to fletch these items.

Ogre Arrows Members icon

fletching ogre1a.jpg

You must have completed the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest to make these.

You will need these arrows if you wish to catch a chompy. The process is the same as for making normal arrows, but you will need different components.

  • Cut achey trees for the shafts. Achey trees grow on the Feldip Hills.
  • Use a knife on the achey logs to make ogre arrow shafts.
  • Get wolf bones for the arrowheads by killing any kind of wolf.
  • Use a chisel on the bones to get wolfbone arrow tips.
  • Add feathers to make flighted ogre arrows. You will need four feathers per arrow.
  • Add the wolfbone arrow tips to the flighted ogre arrows to make ogre arrows.

Brutal Arrows Members icon

You learn how to make these during the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest. You will not be able to make them until you learn how after a certain point in the quest. These arrows inflict more damage on big, undead monsters (such as Zogres) than regular arrows.

To make these arrows you will need to:

  • Cut some achey tree logs. Achey trees grow on the Feldip Hills.
  • Use a knife to fletch them into ogre arrow shafts.
  • Use feathers on the arrow shafts to make flighted ogre arrows. You will use four feathers for each brutal arrow shaft.
  • Smith some nails (read the Smithing guide for more information on smithing).
  • Use the nails on flighted ogre arrows to make brutal arrows. You will use one nail to each brutal arrow. You will need a hammer in your inventory to force the nails into the flighted ogre arrows.

Below is a table of each type of item needed for making ogre and brutal arrows, the Fletching level required to make them and the amount of fletching experience you will gain for each individual item made.

Name Amount
(per set of logs)
Level XP
(per item)
ogre arrow shaft.gif
Ogre arrow shafts Members icon
2 to 6 5 Fletching 1.6
flighted ogre arrow.gif
Flighted ogre arrow Members icon
2 to 6 5 Fletching 0.9
wolfbone tips.gif
Wolfbone arrowheads Members icon
2 to 6 5 Fletching 2.5

The experience gained per item reflects how much experience you earn by completing an arrow from scratch. For carving the ogre arrow shafts and adding the feathers, you get 2.5 experience points - 1.6 (for making an ogre arrow shaft) + 0.9 (for attaching a feather ). This stage is the same for all the ogre and brutal arrows.

For example, a player attaching wolfbone tips to flighted ogre arrows would gain 1.0 Fletching experience points per item. The entire process from start to finish would have earned the player 3.5 Fletching experience points per item - 2.5 (for making the flighted ogre arrow) + 1.0 (for attaching the wolfbone tip).

Name Amount
(per set of logs)
Level XP
(per item)
ogre arrow.gif
Ogre arrows Members icon
2 to 6 5 Fletching 1.0
bronze brutal arrow.gif
Bronze brutal Members icon
2 to 6 7 Fletching 1.4
iron brutal arrow.gif
Iron brutal Members icon
2 to 6 18 Fletching 2.6
steel brutal arrow.gif
Steel brutal Members icon
2 to 6 33 Fletching 5.1
black brutal arrow.gif
Black brutal Members icon
2 to 6 38 Fletching 6.4
mithril brutal arrow.gif
Mithril brutal Members icon
2 to 6 49 Fletching 7.5
adamant brutal arrow.gif
Adamant brutal Members icon
2 to 6 62 Fletching 10.1
rune brutal arrow.gif
Rune brutal Members icon
2 to 6 77 Fletching 12.5

Note: While making arrow tips for some arrows (i.e. ogre, brutal etc.) you gain experience points for other related skills. For example, while making the wolfbone arrow tips, you gain Crafting experience as well as Fletching experience.

Fragment Arrows Members icon

These arrows are special in that they require you to add ascension fragments to bronze arrows as you would add a bolt tip to an already completed bolt.

You must have multiples of 15 in both fragments and bronze arrows in your inventory to make these arrows.

Name Amount
(per 15 fragments & arrows)
Level XP
(per item)
fragment arrows.gif
Fragment arrows Members icon
15 60 Fletching 0.5

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