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Making Bolts

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Getting Started

The bolts that rangers use with their crossbows are predominantly made from metals; hence, to make bolts you will need a certain Smithing level depending upon what sort of bolt you wish to make. Fletching is useful when making bolts as it is not possible to make them work without first adding the flights (feathers). Equally, bolts may have a variety of tips attached, some of which allow the bolts to then be enchanted.

Bolt Shafts

To make bolts, you must first smith their shafts. Note that silver bolt shafts are crafted rather than smithed.

Bolt shaft Level
bronze bolts.gif
Bronze bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
3 Smithing
blurite bolts.gif
Blurite bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
8 Smithing
iron bolts.gif
Iron bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
18 Smithing
silver bolt.gif
Silver bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
21 Crafting
steel bolts.gif
Steel bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
33 Smithing
mithril bolts.gif
Mithril bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
53 Smithing
adamantite bolts.gif
Adamant bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
73 Smithing
abyssalbane bolt.gif
Abyssalbane bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
82 Smithing
basiliskbane bolt.gif
Basiliskbane bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
82 Smithing
dragonbane bolt.gif
Dragonbane bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
82 Smithing
wallasalkibane bolt.gif
Wallasalkibane bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
82 Smithing
runite bolts.gif
Runite bolts (unf) (10) member badge tiny.png
88 Smithing


Below is a table showing the Fletching level required and the experience gained by attaching flights (feathers) to your bolts.

Bolt Level XP
(Per Bolt)
bronze bolt.gif
Bronze member badge tiny.png
9 Fletching 0.5
blurite bolt.gif
Blurite member badge tiny.png *
24 Fletching 1
iron bolt.gif
Iron member badge tiny.png
39 Fletching 1.5
silver bolt.gif
Silver member badge tiny.png ~
43 Fletching 2.5
steel bolt.gif
Steel member badge tiny.png
46 Fletching 3.5
mithril bolt.gif
Mithril member badge tiny.png
54 Fletching 5
Broad-Tipped Bolt.gif
Broad-tipped member badge tiny.png *
55 Fletching 3
adamantite bolt.gif
Adamant member badge tiny.png
61 Fletching 7
runite bolt.gif
Runite member badge tiny.png
69 Fletching 10
dragonbane bolt.gif
Dragonbane member badge tiny.png &
80 Fletching 10
abyssalbane bolt.gif
Abyssalbane member badge tiny.png &
80 Fletching 10
wallasalkibane bolt.gif
Wallasalkibane member badge tiny.png &
80 Fletching 10
basiliskbane bolt.gif
Basiliskbane member badge tiny.png &
80 Fletching 10

* Blurite bolts are not available until you have completed The Knight's Sword quest.

* Broad-tipped bolts are not available until you have completed the Smoking Kills quest.

~ Silver bolts are crafted rather than smithed.

& You must have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat to fletch these items and they are untradeable.

Bolt Tips

Bolts may also be tipped with gems, pearls, barbs and grapples; this is all dependent on the type of bolt you have, of course. To fletch tips, use a chisel on the gem or pearl (barbed tips are available from the Ranging Guild; mithril grapple tips are smithed); Bakriminel bolt tips are purchased from Mami Rimba, and a number of tips will be made.

onyx warning1.jpg

You can make most types of tip simply by using a chisel on the correct gem, and this will normally allow you to choose how many gems to convert into tips. In the case of dragonstone and onyx, though, your character's natural reaction is going to be panic, so you will be presented with an option to change your mind.

Thankfully for those rangers who have saved up the vast quantity of tokkul needed to purchase an onyx from the TzHaar city, the same store there also sells onyx tips for a more reasonable price.

Once you have tips, you can use them on bolts of the correct type to attach them. The primary use of gem-tipped and pearl-tipped bolts is to then enchant them, granting them specific powers, which you can read about here.

Note that when you put a tip on a crossbow bolt you may no longer poison it.

Tip Llevel XP
(per gem cut)
Number of
tips made
Bolt type XP
(per bolt tip attached)
New bolts
opal tips.gif
Opal member badge tiny.png
11 Fletching 1 12 bronze bolt.gif
1.6 bronze opal.gif
jade tips.gif
Jade member badge tiny.png
26 Fletching 2 12 blurite bolt.gif
2.4 blurite jade.gif
pearl tips.gif
Pearl member badge tiny.png
41 Fletching 3 6/24* iron bolt.gif
3.2 iron pearl.gif
red topaz tips.gif
Red topaz member badge tiny.png
48 Fletching 3 12 steel bolt.gif
3.9 steel topaz.gif
Red topaz
barb tips.gif
Barbed member badge tiny.png
51 Fletching n/a n/a bronze bolt.gif
9.5 bronze barb.gif
sapphire tips.gif
Sapphire member badge tiny.png
56 Fletching 4 12 mithril bolt.gif
4.7 mithril sapphire.gif
emerald tips.gif
Emerald member badge tiny.png
58 Fletching 5 12 mithril bolt.gif
5.5 mithril emerald.gif
grapple tip.gif
Mithril grapple member badge tiny.png
59 Fletching n/a n/a mithril bolt.gif
11 mithril grapple.gif
Mithril grapple
ruby tips.gif
Ruby member badge tiny.png
63 Fletching 6 12 adamantite bolt.gif
6.3 adamantite ruby.gif
diamond tips.gif
Diamond member badge tiny.png
65 Fletching 7 12 adamantite bolt.gif
7 adamantite diamond.gif
dragonstone tips.gif
Dragonstone member badge tiny.png
71 Fletching 8 12 runite bolt.gif
8.2 runite dragonstone.gif
onyx tips.gif
Onyx member badge tiny.png
73 Fletching 9 24 runite bolt.gif
9.4 runite onyx.gif
bakriminel tips.gif
Bakriminel member badge tiny.png
93 Fletching n/a n/a bakriminel bolt.gif
130 bakriminel bolts.gif

* 6 tips are received from an Oyster pearl. 24 are received from the less commonly found Oyster pearls item.

Special Bolts

Some bolts are made in unusual ways.

Kebbit-tipped and long kebbit-tipped hunting bolts do not require flights to be attached, and are made simply by using a chisel on the appropriate kebbit spike.

Ascension bolts are made by fletching ascension shards, they do not need flights or shafts.

Ascension fragment bolts need bronze bolts and ascension fragments. They do not need flights or shafts as these are provided by the bronze bolts.

Bakriminel bolts can only be fletched near a Bloodwood tree and require bolt tips to be purchased from Mami Rimba. They do not require flights.

Bolt Type Required
Fletching Level
Experience Gained
(Per Bolt)
Kebbit member badge tiny.png
32 Fletching 0.83
Long kebbit member badge tiny.png
42 Fletching 1.33
fragment bolts.gif
Fragment member badge tiny.png
60 Fletching 0.5
ascension bolts.gif
Ascension member badge tiny.png
90 Fletching 20
bakriminel bolt.gif
Bakriminel member badge tiny.png
93 Fletching 130

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