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Making Bows

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This content, below level 5, is available for all players. Players wishing to gain XP beyond level 5 in this content will need to subscribe.
The parts within this section that are for members only will be indicated accordingly with a member badge tiny.png icon.

To make a bow, you must acquire logs of the material you want to make your bow from and click on them. When the Fletching menu appears, you can choose to make either a shortbow or shieldbow. Depending on your choice, you will make an unstrung bow, which will replace the set of logs that were used during the Fletching process.

Note: If you want to make several of the same object, adjust the slider on the interface to select the quantity you need. By default, all the logs you have will be fletched into bows.

Now it is time to string your bow. If you have achieved a Crafting level of 10, then you will be able to spin your own bowstrings.

For information on how to make bowstrings, please see the Spinning section of the manual.

If you do not have enough experience to craft your own bowstrings, you may be able to buy them from other players, otherwise you will need to find someone skilled enough to make them for you.

Once you have a bowstring, use it on your unstrung bow to complete the bow.

Below is a table of each bow type with the Fletching level required to make them.

Bow Required Level Experience Gained
Unstrung Stringing Total
5 Fletching 5 5 10
Shieldbow member badge tiny.png
10 Fletching 10 10 20
oak shortbow.gif
Oak shortbow member badge tiny.png
20 Fletching 16.5 16.5 33
oak longbow.gif
Oak shieldbow member badge tiny.png
25 Fletching 25 25 50
composite ogre bow.gif
Composite ogre bow member badge tiny.png *
30 Fletching 45 45 90
willow shortbow.gif
Willow shortbow member badge tiny.png
35 Fletching 33 33 66
willow longbow.gif
Willow shieldbow member badge tiny.png
40 Fletching 41.5 41.5 83
maple shortbow.gif
Maple shortbow member badge tiny.png
50 Fletching 50 50 100
maple longbow.gif
Maple shieldbow member badge tiny.png
55 Fletching 58.2 58.2 116.4
yew shortbow.gif
Yew shortbow member badge tiny.png
65 Fletching 67.5 67.5 135
yew longbow.gif
Yew shieldbow member badge tiny.png
70 Fletching 75 75 150
magic shortbow.gif
Magic shortbow member badge tiny.png
80 Fletching 83.3 83.2 166.5
magic longbow.gif
Magic shieldbow member badge tiny.png
85 Fletching 91.5 91.5 183
elder shortbow.gif
Elder shortbow member badge tiny.png
90 Fletching 101.2 101.2 202.4
elder shieldbow.gif
Elder shieldbow member badge tiny.png
90 Fletching 116.4 116.4 232.8

* With wolf bones in your inventory, cut down an achey tree and use your knife to fletch the logs into an unstrung bow. The wolf bones will be used in the Fletching process. Then use a bowstring with the unstrung bow to make a composite ogre bow.

The composite ogre bow is the only bow that can fire brutal arrows. You can not make these bows until you learn how to during the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.

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