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Gender Female
Tier 5
Alignment Hedonism
Symbol Marimbo's symbol
Colours Green, gold, brown
Original race Gorilla
Location Lumbridge (during Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza)
Examine The gorilla goddess of good times.
Marimbo's chathead

Marimbo is likely the most unheard of goddess in Gielinor, appearing to be worshipped by monkeys, particularly those of the isolated island of Ape Atoll. Little is known about Marimbo, but her followers appear to be at odds with those of the desert goddess Apmeken, as revealed in Do No Evil.

Hafuba is the high priest of Marimbo's main temple. The mysterious Bonzara may also be a priest of Marimbo as well.

Marimbo's Legacy

Historical information about this enigmatic goddess is scarce and hard to come by. The only confirmed information is that she is worshipped by monkeys, and her followers are exclusively limited to Ape Atoll. Almost all of these monkeys, with the exception of Bonzara, are very hostile toward humans, though Marimbo's own attitude toward humans is less clear.

During the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza event it is revealed that Marimbo was once a normal gorilla, from an unknown world filled with other gorillas. She was taken to a party by an unknown god - the previous god of hedonism - where she drank so much and partied so hard that she passed out. When she came to she found the god who had brought her to the world was no longer there and his followers had made her god in his place.

Marimbo and Apmeken

The situation between Marimbo and Apmeken is another conflict of little insight. The monkey king of Ape Atoll, a devout Marimban, declares that Apmeken is a false goddess, and will not allow her name to even be said in his presence. However, the direct feelings between the two gods have yet to be touched upon, but it was suggested in a podcast that they would get along should they meet.

Marimbo in the 6th Age

Like some of the other gods, Marimbo made her return to Gielinor in the 6th Age to fight Brassica Prime in the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza event.


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