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Mature grotworm

member badge tiny.pngMature grotworm
mature grotworm.gif
The final stage of a grotworm before its metamorphosis.
Location: Grotworm Lair
bestiary not aggressive.png
bestiary not poisonous.png
not immune to stun.png
not immune to leech.png
not immune to shove.png
not immune to poison.png
attack icon.png
strength icon.png
magic icon.png
ranged icon.png
defence icon.png
70 1 70 1 70
Level: 98
Attack style: Magic magic icon.png
Max hit: Unknown [Edit]
Hit points: 10500
Weakness: Bolts weak to bolts.gif
Combat XP Constitution XP
283 94
Attack speed:
Always: Big bones
Notable: Rune Equipment
Other: See drop table
Slayer master: Sumona
Duradel or Lapalok
Slayer level: 1
Slayer XP: 205

Mature Grotworms are monsters that can be found on the lowest level of the Grotworm Lair. They are frequently killed by players seeking to complete tasks for Slayer or simply as a means of making money. Completion of the Song from the Depths quest is needed to access the Grotworm Lair.

Players with at least level 50 in the Agility skill may use a slide shortcut near the entrance to the Lair as a quick means of accessing the lower levels.

Drop Table

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
  No charm N/A N/A drop-table-common.gif
crimson charm.gif Crimson charm 1-5 N/A drop-table-common.gif
gold charm.gif Gold charm 1-5 N/A drop-table-uncommon.gif
blue charm.gif Blue charm 1-5 N/A drop-table-uncommon.gif
green charm.gif Green charm 1-5 N/A drop-table-uncommon.gif
blrune.gif Blood rune 50 GE:565 drop-table-rare.gif
pure ess.gif Pure essence (noted) 1000-15000 GE:7936 drop-table-very-rare.gif
nrune.gif Nature rune 20-80 GE:561 drop-table-very-rare.gif
drune.gif Death rune 50 GE:560 drop-table-very-rare.gif
lrune.gif Law rune 45 GE:563 drop-table-very-rare.gif
drune.gif Death rune 45 GE:560 drop-table-very-rare.gif
earth talisman.gif Earth talisman 10-35 GE:1440 drop-table-very-rare.gif
fire talisman.gif Fire talisman 10-35 GE:1442 drop-table-very-rare.gif
srune.gif Soul rune 20 GE:566 drop-table-very-rare.gif
chaos talisman.gif Chaos talisman 1 GE:1452 drop-table-very-rare.gif
nature talisman.gif Nature talisman 1 GE:1462 drop-table-very-rare.gif
water talisman.gif Water talisman 1 GE:1444 drop-table-very-rare.gif
adamantite ore 1.gif Adamantite ore (noted) 3 GE:449 drop-table-uncommon.gif
runite ore 1.gif Runite ore 1 GE:451 drop-table-uncommon.gif
coal 1.gif Coal (noted) 150-700 GE:453 drop-table-very-rare.gif
adamantite ore 1.gif Adamantite ore (noted) 100-250 GE:449 drop-table-very-rare.gif
runite ore 1.gif Runite ore (noted) 100 GE:451 drop-table-very-rare.gif
silver ore 1.gif Silver ore (noted) 100 GE:442 drop-table-very-rare.gif
shark.gif Shark 2 GE:383 drop-table-uncommon.gif
swordfish1.gif Raw swordfish (noted) 100-250 GE:371 drop-table-very-rare.gif
shark1.gif Raw shark (noted) 25 GE:383 drop-table-very-rare.gif
royal cape.gif Royal cape 1 GE:24315 drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune chain.gif Rune chainbody 1 GE:1113 drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune med.gif Rune helm 1 GE:1147 drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune dagger.gif Rune dagger 1 GE:1213 drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune mace.gif Rune mace 1 GE:1432 drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune square.gif Rune sq shield 1 GE:1185 drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune longsword1a.gif Rune longsword 1 GE:1303 drop-table-uncommon.gif
adamantite bolts.gif Adamant bolts 200 GE:9142 drop-table-very-rare.gif
plainstaff2.gif Battlestaff (noted) 200 GE:1391 drop-table-very-rare.gif
runite onyx.gif Onyx bolts 150 GE:9342 drop-table-very-rare.gif
rune arrow.gif Rune arrow 150 GE:892 drop-table-very-rare.gif
dragon dagger.gif Dragon dagger 1 GE:1214 drop-table-very-rare.gif
dragon med helm1.gif Dragon helm 1 GE:1149 drop-table-very-rare.gif
rune 2handed1a.gif Rune 2h sword 1 GE:1319 drop-table-very-rare.gif
rune battleaxe.gif Rune battleaxe 1 GE:1373 drop-table-very-rare.gif
rune kite.gif Rune kiteshield 1 GE:1202 drop-table-very-rare.gif
Dragon spear 1 GE:1249 drop-table-very-rare.gif
rune javelin.gif Rune javelin 1 GE:830 drop-table-very-rare.gif
rune spear.gif Rune spear 1 GE:1247 drop-table-very-rare.gif
Shield left half 1 GE:2366 drop-table-very-rare.gif
grimy dwarf weed.gif Grimy dwarf weed 1 GE:217 drop-table-uncommon.gif
grimy guam.gif Grimy guam 1 GE:199 drop-table-uncommon.gif
grimy avantoe.gif Grimy avantoe 1 GE:211 drop-table-rare.gif
grimy cadantine.gif Grimy cadantine 1 GE:215 drop-table-rare.gif
grimy harralander.gif Grimy harralander 1 GE:205 drop-table-rare.gif
grimy irit.gif Grimy irit 1 GE:209 drop-table-rare.gif
grimy kwuarm.gif Grimy kwuarm 1 GE:213 drop-table-rare.gif
grimy lantadyme.gif Grimy lantadyme 1 GE:2485 drop-table-rare.gif
grimy marrentill.gif Grimy marrentill 1 GE:201 drop-table-rare.gif
grimy ranarr.gif Grimy ranarr 1 GE:207 drop-table-rare.gif
grimy tarromin.gif Grimy tarromin 1 GE:203 drop-table-rare.gif
toadflax2.gif Clean toadflax (noted) 10-45 GE:2998 drop-table-very-rare.gif
snapdragon2.gif Clean snapdragon (noted) 5-35 GE:3000 drop-table-very-rare.gif
fellstalk seed.gif Fellstalk seed 2 GE:21635 drop-table-uncommon.gif
cactus seed.gif Cactus seed 1 GE:5280 drop-table-uncommon.gif
toadflax seed.gif Toadflax seed 1 GE:5296 drop-table-rare.gif
irit seed.gif Irit seed 1 GE:5297 drop-table-rare.gif
belladonna seed.gif Belladonna seed 1 GE:5281 drop-table-rare.gif
poisonivy.gif Poison ivy seed 1 GE:5106 drop-table-rare.gif
avantoe seed.gif Avantoe seed 1 GE:5298 drop-table-rare.gif
kwuarm seed.gif Kwuarm seed 1 GE:5299 drop-table-rare.gif
magic seed.gif Magic seed 4-7 GE:5316 drop-table-very-rare.gif
watermelon seed.gif Watermelon seed 3 GE:5321 drop-table-very-rare.gif
cadantine.gif Cadantine seed 1 GE:5301 drop-table-very-rare.gif
lantadyme.gif Lantadyme seed 1 GE:5302 drop-table-very-rare.gif
dwarf weed.gif Dwarf weed seed 1 GE:5303 drop-table-very-rare.gif
morchella mushroom seed.gif Morchella mushroom spore 1 GE:21620 drop-table-very-rare.gif
snapdragon.gif Snapdragon seed 1 GE:5300 drop-table-very-rare.gif
torstol.gif Torstol seed 1 GE:5304 drop-table-very-rare.gif
dragonstone.gif Dragonstone 1 GE:1615 drop-table-very-rare.gif
uncut diamond.gif Uncut diamond 1 GE:1617 drop-table-very-rare.gif
uncut dragonstone.gif Uncut dragonstone 1 GE:1631 drop-table-very-rare.gif
uncut emerald.gif Uncut emerald 1 GE:1621 drop-table-very-rare.gif
uncut ruby.gif Uncut ruby 1 GE:1619 drop-table-very-rare.gif
uncut sapphire.gif Uncut sapphire 1 GE:1623 drop-table-very-rare.gif
yew logs.gif Yew logs (noted) 100-550 GE:1616 drop-table-very-rare.gif
bigbones.gif Big bones 1 GE:532 drop-table-always.gif
royal bolts.gif Royal bolts 30 GE:24336 drop-table-common.gif
coins.gif Coins 5000 N/A drop-table-uncommon.gif
flax.gif Flax (noted) 50 GE:1780 drop-table-uncommon.gif
royaldhide.gif Royal dragonhide 1 GE:24372 drop-table-uncommon.gif
SaradominPot2.gif Saradomin brew (2) 1 GE:6689 drop-table-uncommon.gif
SuperRestore2.gif Super restore (2) 1 GE:3028 drop-table-uncommon.gif
clue scroll.gif Clue scroll (hard) 1 N/A drop-table-rare.gif
coins.gif Coins 250-1250 N/A drop-table-very-rare.gif
bigbones.gif Big bones (noted) 30-180 GE:532 drop-table-very-rare.gif
rune bar.gif Rune bar (noted) 50 GE:2363 drop-table-very-rare.gif
coins.gif Coins 3000 N/A drop-table-very-rare.gif
reports.gif Court summons 1 N/A drop-table-very-rare.gif
halfkey loop.gif Loop half of a key 1 N/A drop-table-very-rare.gif
halfkey tooth.gif Tooth half of a key 1 N/A drop-table-very-rare.gif
Rune bar 1 GE:2365 drop-table-very-rare.gif
Vecna skull 1 GE:20667 drop-table-very-rare.gif

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