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Members iconMeg
Released 11th December 2012
Race Human
Location Player-Owned Ports
Examine A wannabe adventurer with no clue what she's doing.

Meg ran away from home to become a great adventurer; she’s prepared thoroughly by reading all the stories about Xenia, Sir Tiffy, the player, and the other great heroes of the modern day, and by fighting chickens and rats with her flyswatter. As soon as she felt she was ready she headed out into the big dangerous world to make her name. She’s not very good at it.

Some weeks of failure and humiliation later she’s found herself in an old run-down port with flagging self-confidence and no idea how to proceed – being almost painfully optimistic she’s sure she’ll turn things around, but not quite sure how.

Meg's Adventures

Once a week you'll be able to send Meg off on an adventure and how she acts on that adventure, depends heavily on the advice that you give her though it is not solely dependent on it. Your advice acts as a skill boost for her, she could still fail the mission if her skill is not high enough.

How successful Meg was in her adventure will dictate what rewards, if any, she brings back for you.

Note that not all of the answers below will show for you. The higher the level you have in the skill Meg is asking about, the more answers you'll be able to choose from.

Warning: Spoilers below
If you do not want to learn about certain game content before experiencing it, do not read below this line.
Reason: The text below contains details of the questions Meg asks.

For a full list of Meg's questions, and the possible answers, click here.

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