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Meiyerditch can only be accessed once you have started Darkness of Hallowvale.

You should be warned that Meiyerditch is a dangerous area patrolled by near-indestructible flying vampyres - the Vyrewatch. If they spot you behaving belligerently, they will demand a blood tithe or expect you to work in their mines for a short period. If you refuse them, they will attack - at which point it is best to run. If you have completed Legacy of Seergaze, though, you may remember that there is a way to fight back against these vile creatures...
meiyerditch intro.jpg
A nation of vampyres

For at least a thousand years Lord Drakan has ruled his nation of vampyres from his castle near Meiyerditch. Slowly they gained ground and pushed against the eastern borders of Misthalin, and now all land east of the River Salve belongs to his bloodthirsty race.

The vampyres keep Meiyerditch as a farm and charnel house, making sure the humans under their power remain weak, afraid and without hope. Despite Lord Drakan's best efforts, though, there is hope: the Myreque, it is rumoured, have a secret base within Meiyerditch...


meiyerditch location.jpg
Location of Meiyerditch

Meiyerditch sprawls in the south-east of Morytania, its dull body like a scar on the surface of RuneScape. The vampyres keep their secret well, though, for the horrors of Mort Myre keep all but the most foolhardy of adventurers from reaching its walls.

Further to this, Meiyerditch has no obvious gates, so there is no apparent point of entry. The Vampyres, of course, need no gates, for they can fly over the walls with as little effort as a farmer may step over a fence. These vampyres live in the city of Darkmeyer to the north, and there are rumours of a sewer entrance to its many crypts.

To the immediate west of Meiyerditch is the cursed town of Mort'ton, where an odd plague has possessed the residents. South of Mort'ton are rumours of a single remaining free town within Morytania: Burgh de Rott.

The only safe route into the city must surely be known to the Myreque, who claim to have contacts inside.

A teleport to Meiyerditch is available during The Branches of Darkmeyer quest.

Points of Interest

meiyerditch features.jpg
Meiyerditch's points of interest

The casual tourist would do well to avoid Meiyerditch. Not only are the vampyres inhospitable, but the city has been designed in such a way that only those capable of flight may move about freely. Each sector of the city is a separate slum patrolled by the Vyrewatch. Anyone who wishes to travel from one sector to another will be forced to use secret pathways across rooftops, through windows, up bookcases, and so on. If you've completed the Darkness of Hallowvale quest, you'll have the option to use a quicker way through the city while using the Shortcut key.

Those caught by the Vyrewatch face the grim prospect of either surrendering a portion of their blood in a blood tithe, or working in the Daeyalt ore mine beneath the north of the city. In these mines much of the populace are worked to death.

You may find that the Vyrewatch are more willing to leave you alone once you start the The Branches of Darkmeyer quest.


Old Man Ral
old man ral.gif
Every city has someone who knows all the ins and outs, and this is especially necessary in a complex warren like Meiyerditch. Old Man Ral is this person, and anyone hoping to find their way through the alleys and ruins of the slums would do well to locate him.
Old Man Ral can be found in sector one.


There are no quests to start in Meiyerditch.

Children of the Blood

Vampyre juvenile (level 45) Vampyre juvinate (level 54)
vampyre juvenile1.gif
The youngest (old looking) of the vampyres are the juveniles, whose powers are still unmoulded and raw. They are the latest recruits into the aristocracy of blood and, should they progress through the centuries, they will become powerful and evil creatures, at once capable of tearing a human apart and quoting ancient poetry.
vampyre juvinate1.gif
Those juveniles who have been initiated into the dark families of the Sanguinesti nobility are called juvenates. Their powers are not yet complete, but they are fearsome warriors, nonetheless.
Vampyre juveniles can be found around the walls in the south-east and the south-west of the ghetto. Vampyre juvinates can be found watching over the juveniles in the south-east of the ghetto.
Vyrewatch (level 120, 130, 140)
Most ancient and powerful of the vampyres, the Vyrewatch is an organisation of vampyres whose powers are beyond the comprehension of mortals. They are essentially indestructible, and fly across Lord Drakan's lands, enforcing his will. Unless you have completed Legacy of Seergaze, you should avoid engaging the Vyrewatch in combat.
You don't find the Vyrewatch, they find you! Look to the skies, since there's going to be a heads up.


  • Trader Sven sells two disguises that adventurers may find advantageous. The black and grey clothes of the Vyrewatch are especially useful, as they reduce the chance of being spotted and picked out for a blood tithe.
  • To escape the Daeyalt ore mine, simply fill the minecart with ore and speak to one of the juvinate guards.


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