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Melee Abilities


The melee abilities interface's appearance and function changes depending on whether you have activated the Evolution of Combat mode (EoC) or the Legacy combat mode.

In EoC, the interface allows you to view and activate all of the attack- and strength-based abilities that you have access to. In Legacy, the interface lets you choose your combat stance and activate special attacks.

Evolution of Combat

The melee abilities interface
The melee abilities interface

In EoC, the melee abilities interface is an action window. As with the majority of action windows you can adjust its size, swap and dock it with other interfaces, and move it around your game window.

Powers icon

If not visible on the game screen, you can access the melee abilities interface by clicking on the powers icon in the ribbon and going to the Melee tab.

Although it can be modified, the first time you see the melee abilities interface, it will likely resemble the image to the right.

All of these abilities can be added to your action bar in any order that you wish.

Spell Details

All of the action windows from the powers interface will allow you to hover over an individual ability or spell to see information about it. Details such as a description of the spell/ability, what requirements it has, how much adrenaline it costs (if any), how many runes it requires (if any), and the cool down time required before you can cast it again.

Attack Abilities

Strength Abilities


The melee abilities interface
The melee abilities interface

In Legacy mode, the melee abilities interface allows you to alter how you attack other players and NPCs. This interface also shows your combat level, weapon type and special attack button. Finally, the interface allows you to choose our combat style and turn the auto retaliate feature on or off.

Melee abilities button

If not visible on the game screen, you can access the melee abilities interface by clicking on the appropriate ribbon button.

The main purpose of this interface is to allow you to select your combat style. Combat style is how you will attack your enemies and this determines the experience gained, the type of damage inflicted and the effectiveness of the attack. Hovering over a style will tell you what kind of experience you will gain (Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Ranged).

You are also able to turn on the auto-retaliate feature via this interface. If the feature is activated your character will automatically run toward, and start fighting, an opponent if you are attacked. Turn the feature off, and your character will ignore any attack on them unless you choose to attack the opponent yourself.

The final part of the melee abilities interface is the special attack bar. This button allows you to activate the special attacks that some weapons have. These unique attacks vary, from applying temporary boosts in stats, to dealing extra damage. When you have equipped a weapon that has a special attack equipped, the combat style interface the special attack bar will become highlighted. If you click on the bar, then your character will initiate a special attack and use up some of your special attack power.

Different special attacks use up different amounts of power. If you do not have enough power for your weapon's special attack, you won't be able to use it. Your special attack power will slowly restore over time.

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