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Mind Altar

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worldmap globe.gif The official world to play Mind Altar is 36. worldmap globe.gif

Mind Altar
Inside the mind altar
It's all in your mind
Area North of Falador, East of Goblin Village / Runecrafting Altar Plane
Quest required Rune Mysteries

Accessing the Mind Altar

In order to access the Mind Altar and receive a Mind talisman, you need to complete the Rune Mysteries quest. To start the quest, you need to speak to Duke Horacio, who can be located inside of Lumbridge Castle, upstairs. There are no item requirements, combat requirements or skill requirements. Duke Horacio will give you a talisman to give to Wizard Sedridor. Completing this quest will allow you to access the Runecrafting skill and the other talismans and altars located around Runescape.

Locating the Mind Altar

The Mind Altar can be located from any location in Runescape as long as you have the Mind talisman in the inventory. This can be done by selecting it and clicking 'locate'. This will result in a message in the chatbox providing a rough direction in which you should go in to locate the altar. It is very general, therefore not the best way to locate the altar, but it is one of the ways to locate the altars as a new player or someone who is attempting to runecraft for the first time. This can actually be done with every talisman for every altar and does not only apply to members.

Entering the Mind Altar

To access the Mind Altar, the Rune Mysteries quest has to be completed. Furthermore, a Mind talisman is required. Alternatively, an Omni-Tiara or Omni-Talisman may be used. Lastly, it is also possible to access the Mind Altar via the Abyss, however you will still require the either the Mind talisman/Omni-tiara or Omni-talisman to enter the Mind Altar this way.

Crafting Mind Runes

Before you can craft Mind rune it is necessary that there is Rune essence or Pure essence in your inventory. Then clicking on the Mind Altar will result in a piled amount of Mind rune in your inventory. As your Runecrafting level increases, you will be able to craft doubles and triples of the Mind Rune, however this only applies when using Pure essence. This means you can make the most of your Pure essence

Crafting Multiple Mind Runes


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