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Multi-player Minigames

Barbarian Assault Blast Furnace The Fishing Trawler Gnome Ball
Can you survive the waves of the Penance and prove your worth to the barbarians? The Blast Furnace in Keldagrim is the most efficient ore-processing machine in Geilinor, but it requires a lot of attention. Can you and your friends help Murphy? If you can he will give you a share of the catch. Score goals against the gnomes.

The Great Orb Project Heist Pest Control Shades of Mort'ton
Gather arcane power and prove thaumaturgic theorems. Join up with the guards to find the robbers, or join up with the robbers to steal the loot. Can you protect the Void Knight whilst fighting back hordes of creatures? Earn Prayer and Firemaking experience whilst cremating the shades of Mort'ton.

Trouble Brewing Vinesweeper
Race to brew rum in this frantic piratical contest! Help Farmer Blinkin find his seeds in this Farming minigame, but watch out for those wascaly wabbits.

Single-Player Minigames

Brimhaven Agility Arena Conquest Games Room Dominion Tower
Fun and adventure await you in this ancient arena. Outflank and outmanoeuvre your opponent on a Void Knight battlefield. Visit the Prince of Burthorpes games room and challenge a fellow player to a friendly game. Face your enemies (again).

Flash Powder Factory Impetuous Impulses Mage Training Arena Player-Owned Ports
Find your way around this epic maze to claim your reward. Capturing implings everywhere you go. Gain magic experience through four tasks as well as earn points to trade for items in the Magic Training Arena shop. Manage your own port and send out ships to explore the Eastern Lands.

Pyramid Plunder Mobilising Armies Treasure Hunter Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up
Explore through a dangerous pyramid and possibly come across expensive artifacts. Lead your army to fame, glory and treasure. Alessandra has some treasure that she wants to share with you Volunteer to help clear the area of jungle surrounding the village and also repair any damaged fencing.

Temple Trekking /
Burgh de Rott Ramble
TzHaar Fight Cave TokHaar Fight Kiln TokHaar Fight Cauldron
Can you defend a villager through the perils of Morytania? Do you have what it takes to last to the very end? Prove yourself worthy of praise from the TokHaar in this wave-based battle. A non-stop battle to see how long you can last.

PvP Minigames

Castle Wars Clan Wars The Crucible The Duel Arena
Will your team be victorious in this combat-based team game? Fight with up to one hundred clan-mates. Enter this giant underground arena and get assigned targets to hunt down and kill. Challenge your friends and enemies to a duel.

Fist of Guthix Soul Wars Stealing Creation TzHaar Fight Pit
Can you help the druids of Guthix with an artifact? Creation vs. Destruction. Steal the stuff of the universe and defeat your foes! Are you tough enough to be the last man standing in this fast paced multi-player game?

Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
Run around in a dungeon full of traps and monkeys, trying not be turned into a gorilla yourself.

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