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Mining - Extra Features

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Dwarven Mine

Main article: Dwarven Mine

dwarven mine1.jpg
Inside the Dwarven Mine

The Dwarven Mine contains coal, gold, adamantite, mithril, iron, copper, clay and tin ores to mine from. Mining shops can be identified by the Mining shop symbol Mining shop.

Please note that the Mining shop icon will not be visible on the main map, because the locations of the shops are underground. To view the item on your minimap you will have to be underground and within range of the shops. These will be in the Dwarven Mine and Keldagrim.

The Dwarven Mine contains shops, ores to mine from, anvils and a lot of dwarves. The Mining shops of the Dwarven Mine offer a range of supplies for Smithing and Mining, and the opportunity to make money from this skill. You can do this by selling your mined ores or smithed bars to Drogo's Mining Emporium.

The Mining Guild

Main article: Mining Guild

mining guild1a.jpg
Inside the Mining Guild

The Mining Guild is unnamed on the world map and is located on the east side of Falador, south of the east bank. Alternatively, you can enter the mines using the adjoining gate from the Dwarven Mine. To enter the Mining Guild you have to climb down one of four ladders. You must have a Mining level of 60 or above to enter this guild.

Inside this guild, you can mine a variety of rocks including many coal rocks and mithril. With the Dwarven Mine a door away, you also have the opportunity to mine from the coal, gold, adamantite, mithril, iron, copper, clay and tin rocks there.

You will also find the various tools that spawn and that are dropped by the dwarves in the mine useful. If you head through the door to the Dwarven Mine, you will also find an anvil to smith items from your newly mined ore (provided they have been smelted into bars first) and a few shops to buy Mining and Smithing tools from.

A necklace of skills will teleport you directly to the guild.

Living Rock Caverns

Main article: Living Rock Caverns

living rock remains.jpg
Mining living rock remains

The Living Rock Caverns can be accessed by a rope climb found at the northern end of the Dwarven Mine. It's filled with dangerous, aggressive creatures, so prospective miners should make sure they're no slouches in the combat stakes too. The caverns hold many wonders for miners, most notable of which are the concentrated minerals deposits and the living rock creatures who dwell here.

The creatures, once defeated, crumple into rock formations akin to the caverns themselves. A skilled miner can then quickly give the remains a scrape with their pickaxe, nabbing some living minerals in the process. These minerals can be used as bait to catch the highly prized rocktail fish, found in the freshwater pools in these caverns.

The concentrated mineral deposits are also worthy of note. Unlike typical mining sites, these deposits can be continuously mined until they collapse, sometimes even netting a miner two ores at the same time. These deposits are almost constantly shifting and are densely packed. As such, for a miner to obtain viable ores from them requires a higher Mining level than is required for mining their equivalents from rocks. Concentrated coal deposits require level 77 mining and concentrated gold deposits require level 80 mining to be mined. In these caverns, you can find concentrated deposits of coal and gold. If you wish to mine with a lower chance of being killed many players are usually found on world 77, 84 and world 88.

Keldagrim's Mining Sites

Main article: Keldagrim

keldagrim site.jpg
One of the Keldagrim sites

The mines of Keldagrim contain different types of rocks to mine from.

Before you cross the river and get to the city, you can walk to the east to find a site containing copper and coal rocks.

Alternatively, talk to the ferryman and he will take you across the river to two other sites, one to the west and one to the east of the bridges. The western site contains iron rocks and the eastern site contains tin rocks. Talk to him again and he will take you back to the tunnel entrance.

By talking to the boatman you can travel down the river to the centre of Keldagrim. In the city there is a Mining shop selling pickaxes from bronze to rune, a furnace, anvils, a general store to sell your mined items and a bank if you wish to store some items. In the north-west of the city you will also find a Mining site containing coal rocks, and in the north you will find a mining spot by the river with gold, adamantite and runite seams (this site is only accessible to those who have completed Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf).

extra map 2a.jpg
Map showing Keldagrim's mining features

Witchaven Rubium Mine

Main article: Witchaven

mining rubium.jpg
Mining rubium

After completing the Kennith's Concerns quest, you'll gain access to a rubium mine beneath Witchaven. To reach the mine, head down into the shrine, through the secret door and through the caverns to the mine area.

Inside the mine itself, you'll find 6 places to mine rubium in both the second and third of the main chambers. You'll need to keep travelling between these two chambers to continue mining rubium.

Rubium can be sold to your friend, Ezekial Lovecraft, in Witchaven's Fishing shop. Ezekial is stockpiling the stuff for his 'plan'. Rubium is also very useful in the creation of super fishing explosives (what with being the secondary ingredient and all). These souped-up versions of the normal fishing explosive can be used to lure mogres (at Mudskipper Point) and cause 15 damage to them at the same time - very useful for mogre Slayer tasks.

extra map 3a.jpg
Map of the Witchaven Rubium Mine

Prifddinas Seren Stones Members icon

Main article: Prifddinas

mining seren stones.jpg
Mining Seren stones

The Seren stones operate in effectively the same way as choking ivy in the Woodcutting skill. Players can click a stone and simply mine away for XP. Over time the stone will become less corrupt and more crystalline, eventually falling through the grate to be collected by the Hefin clan.

Periodically players may receive corrupted ore which can be refined for Smithing XP.

Shooting Stars


Shooting Stars fall across RuneScape with some regularity and bring great rewards for dedicated miners. Aside from the excellent training opportunities they provide, you can also earn some rewards from the Star Sprite once per day. One of those rewards is the ability to gain an extra ore when mining, for up to 15 minutes.

Varrock Tasks Reward Armour

Completing one or all sets of the Varrock Tasks and wearing Varrock Armour will give you a chance at mining two ores at once. Finishing the Easy tasks will give you Varrock Armour(1), which will allow you to mine 2 ores at once, for ores up to and including coal, the Medium tasks will give the chance to mine an extra ore for ores up to and including Mithril, and finishing the Hard and Elite Tasks will give the chance to gain an extra ore from ores up to and including Adamantite.

Mining Urns

Mining Urns may be purchased from the G.E. or made using the Crafting skill. Activate your urns by adding an Earth rune to each urn and carry the urn(s) while you train mining. It is only possible to fill one urn at a time and not possible to have more than 10 urns of the same skill. The amount of extra experience you will receive from teleporting an urn depends on the quality of the urn. Make sure that you are mining ores that will add charges to your urn. Activating and teleporting urns gives no Magic experience.



To get to your Mining areas quicker, you might want to consider purchasing a locator. These can be bought using reward credits in Mobilising Armies. Each officer of the officer tower can offer you a different level of locator.

By using the locator, you can choose to be teleported to a Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or Herblore secondary ingredient area. Once you have made your choice, the locator will make some mysterious calculations and then teleport you randomly to a suitable spot. Try not to be wasteful: the locators have a limited number of charges and can only be refreshed by buying another or playing a game of Mobilising Armies.

Barbarian Assault Double XP

It is possible to get double XP when mining ores. Travel to Barbarian Assault and talk to Commander Connad to receive a penance horn; this can be charged by playing waves of the minigame, as long as you ensure that the switch in the waiting room is changed to 'XP'. With charges on the horn, you will automatically receive double XP when mining ores. You can then 'check-potential' the horn at any time to find out how many charges remain on it.

Mining Training in Dungeoneering

It is also possible to train all of your skills while dungeoneering, and Mining is no exception. Occasionally you will find veins of ore within Daemonheim, and these can be mined with a pickaxe. You can also gain Mining experience by completing mining skill doors.

Quests Giving Mining Experience

To view quests that reward you with Mining experience please see the Quest Experience Rewards page.

Boosting Experience Gain

huge fallen star (mining).gif
The small, medium, large and huge fallen stars Members icon can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.
golden mining top.gif
Each individual item in the golden mining set (boots, gloves, helmet, trousers and top) grant 1% extra XP each. A complete set will grant an additional 1% XP bringing the total to 6% for the whole set.
cobalt skillchompa.gif
Cobalt, viridian, azure and crimson skillchompas, when equipped, offer additional xp when skilling.

Players in a clan with a citadel will find that contributing to their clan's resource pool will earn bonus XP that can be used on the surface world.

Mining Boosts

Mining cape inventory icon
The Mining cape, Mining cape (t) or Mining master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.
Dwarven stout inventory icon
Dwarven stout is an alcoholic beverage concocted by the dwarves but can be made by players using the brewing method. This drink temporarily increases your Mining and Smithing levels by one. You will find that by drinking this you will temporarily decrease your Attack, Defence and Strength levels by seven.
Mature dwarven stout is randomly made when you attempt to brew dwarven stout. This drink temporarily increases your Mining and Smithing levels by two, but like Dwarven Stout, you will find that drinking this temporarily decreases your Attack, Defence and Strength levels by seven.
Braindeath 'rum' is another drink that you may find useful while Mining. When you drink braindeath 'rum' it will temporarily increase your Mining and Strength levels. The amount that your skills rise depends on your stats. Braindeath 'rum' will decrease some skill levels, such as Attack, Defence, Agility, Prayer, Herblore, Magic and Ranged temporarily.

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Mining. Of particular note is the desert wyrm, who not only boosts your Mining level, but can be sent off to find ores buried beneath the ground.

The best mining familiar available is the lava titan, which gives an enormous invisible mining boost of +10 levels, while requiring 83 summoning to use. An alternative is the obsidian golem which gives an invisible +7 level mining boost, and requires level 73 summoning. These familiars greatly increase the rate a player can mine ores.

Useful Items

Resourceful aura inventory icon
The resourceful aura provides a 10% chance to your resource not being depleted. This only works for clay, copper, tin, limestone, blurite, iron, silver, coal, sandstone, gold, granite, mithril, adamantite and runite rocks.
Juju mining potion inventory icon
By practicing your Herblore in the Herblore Habitat, you might be able to make yourself a juju mining potion. This concoction, when drunk, gives you a one in ten chance of finding a stone spirit with each swing of the pick. This spirit will automatically carry any ore straight to your bank. There is also a small chance that this ore will be of a higher level than the ore you would have received. Each dose lasts for 5 minutes.
Coal bag inventory icon
A coal bag can be bought from the rewards trader of Daemonheim for dungeoneering tokens. This bag proves invaluable if you are making runs from coal mines to a bank, or if you are transferring coal from the coal trucks to the Seers' Village bank. The coal bag can hold up to 27 pieces of coal. When smithing or superheating, coal in the bag will be used before the coal in your inventory.
Dwarven Army Axe inventory icon
The Dwarven Army Axe is a tool of many uses and one of those uses is Mining. You can use your Dwarven Army Axe to mine any ore that your Mining skill allows you to. Not only this, but it gives you a chance of getting extra Mining XP and a chance to produce a lapis lazuli in addition to the ore that you mine. The lapis lazuli is a non-stacking, non-tradable item used in Crafting. Note that lapis lazuli only form near copper and tin ores.

As well as its Mining uses, the Dwarven Army Axe can also be used in Combat, as a hatchet when Woodcutting and as a chisel when Crafting. It also acts as a tinderbox and needle.


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