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Mining FAQ

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I cannot mine any ore from a rock, what am I doing wrong?

If someone else is mining the rock as well as you, you may find the player with the higher Mining skill and/or equipment will get the ore.

What skill levels are required to mine the gem rocks in Shilo Village?

There is a level 40 Mining requirement on the Shilo Village gem rocks but they can be mined at lower levels using temporary boosts as found in the mining extras page.

In addition the skill levels required to complete the Shilo Village quest are needed to access Shilo Village.

Where can I find the Mining Guild?

The Mining Guild can be found in the deepest corner of the Dwarven Mine. It can also be accessed from Falador. Go to the east bank and just behind it is a building. In the courtyard are ladders which lead down to the Mining Guild.

I want to increase my Mining level. How can I do this?

We recommend that you always wield the highest level pickaxe that you can afford (and use) and find a Mining spot close to a bank so that you can deposit the ore fast and carry on Mining.

Also, you could try using a Dwarven Stout or Dwarven Stout (m), for a respective 1 and 2 boost to Mining and Smithing.

One final thing for those who have trained Summoning (m), some familiars will give you invisible boosts to help you mine quicker.

Can I mine dragon ore or black ore?


Where can I find a dragon pickaxe?

Dragon pickaxes are dropped by chaos dwarves within the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield, a cavern in the south-west of Keldagrim, or traded from other players.

Does the cave goblin Mining helmet help me mine quicker?

No. The Mining helmet, lit or unlit, is purely worn for display, it will not help boost your Mining.

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