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Warning: Spoilers below
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Reason: This article contains information not found until starting Nadir and The Battle of Lumbridge.

Members iconMoia
Released 24th April 2012
Race Half-Mahjarrat, Half-Human
Quests Nadir (Fremennik Sagas)
Dishonour among Thieves
Location Daemonheim, Lumbridge
Examine Zamorak's General. A mage who wields great power.
Zamorak's faithful general and left hand.

Moia is a Mahjarrat half-breed, met during Nadir, one of the Fremennik Sagas. She is the daughter of Lucien, and the general of Zamorak. She led Zamorak's forces during The Battle of Lumbridge and assisted him during the Dishonour among Thieves quest.

As her natural father has shown her no love or attention at all, Moia sees Zamorak as a father figure she never had. She has a huge devotion to Zamorak, and sees in him both the power, but also the ability to care for those who offer him support.

Moia has a caring and sensitive side to her - she feels genuine remorse upon the death of innocents, even while she may sometimes find it necessary, and feels some pity for those who stand in the way of Zamorak and thus must be destroyed. She is, however, sufficiently ruthless to not allow this side of her to hold her back. She is ambitious and proud - she wants to be the leader and she wants to be respected.

Moia has some very unique abilities. She is able to drain a victim of their memories and implant them into herself, making her the perfect spy and assassin. Moia also has the ability to teleport short distances at will. Unfortunately, and despite being part Mahjarrat, she fails in telepathic abilities, something Mahjarrat are typically inclined toward.


Born more than 500 years ago, she spent her early life in the service of Lucien, her Mahjarrat father. The technique used to half-breed a Mahjarrat and a human is unknown though during the Nadir saga, Lucien states "after all the time I spent making you", implying that it took a while. It is also noted that Zemouregal asks Lucien to teach him how to create a half breed, meaning that it may not be by traditional means.

She was treated as a failed experiment throughout her time with Lucien, and took his negative comments with grace, knowing him to be more powerful than she, although she is ambitious for more power and more freedom.

Seen during the Nadir saga, after the 17th ritual takes place she is assigned the task of looking for Bilrach, another mahjarrat, and during the next 500 years she grows old performing this search to no avail. However, eventually she discovers Daemonheim and looks for Bilrach there.

After trekking through the 60 floors and taking the disguise of several of the inhabitants, she finds Bilrach at the bottom, along with the Ritual Marker. During her descent in Daemonheim, she discovers a new source of personal power from portal energy, and Bilrach promises to show her how to control this power.

Discarding her allegiance to Lucien, she is introduced by Bilrach to Zamorak. Zamorak sees the power in her, and shows her how to unleash it in return for her allegiance.

At the end of the Saga the player is left to choose between four different endings, two of which where she follows Bilrach to floor 61 and whatever lies there, and the other two where she is knocked out (with one of these 2 having her being resurrected by Bilrach's necromancy).

When he returns to Gielinor, it is to this most powerful and loyal supporter he turns to as leader of his forces. With her power, she also regains her youth.




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