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Monastery of Ascension

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Deep below the Feldip Hills lies a monastery that houses the Order of Ascension, a secretive cult dedicated to self-improvement. The entrance to this underground complex is a small chapel on the surface, where a concerned Ocellus Virius stands guard.

People have been going missing from nearby and Ocellus believes the Order are to blame; trapping them inside the monastery. For those who look like they can handle themselves, Ocellus will offer a handsome reward if they should put a stop to the Order's work.


Location of the Monastery of Ascension
Location of the Monastery of Ascension

The Monastery of Ascension is found in the Feldip Hills, north-west of Oo'glog.

To get there, you can trek over the Feldip Hills and through the Feldip Hunter Area. Walking south, you will find a ridge of mountains that only the agile can pass. Everyone else will have to pass through the main gates, to the south-west of the Hunter area, which is guarded by a number of aggressive ogres.

To get to the monastery quickly, you can use a ring of duelling or the Spirit tree network to teleport to the Mobilising Armies Command Centre. From here it's a short trek north-east to the monastery entrance.

You can also reach the monastery by sailing to Oo'glog by boat and walking in a north-westerly direction. You'll have to complete As a First Resort to do so, however.

Points of Interest

Monastery of Ascension points of interest
Monastery of Ascension points of interest
red circle.png
entrance to Legio Primus' room
green circle.png
entrance to Legio Secundus' room
yellow circle.png
entrance to Legio Tertius' room
cyan circle.png
entrance to Legio Quartus' room
magenta circle.png
entrance to Legio Quintus' room
black circle.png
entrance to Legio Sextus' room
orange circle.png
blue circle.png
purple circle.png
white circle.png

Coloured dots representing NPCs give the rough locations and do not take into account numbers nor wander ranges.


ocellus chathead.gif
Ocellus Virius is a unique creature, thousands of years old. Determining that the Order of Ascension are to blame for the locals who have been going missing, he trapped them inside the monastery and stands guard to ensure they do not escape.


No quests can be started in the Monastery of Ascension.

The Order

These creatures, with the exception of the healing unit, require 81 Slayer to attack.

Rorarius ( Level 120 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif ) Gladius ( Level 130 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
The weakest of the Ascension units, rorarii will perform magic attacks at a close range. They will get any rorarii in the immediate area to assist them when they are first attacked, increasing the damage they do.
A highly mobile Ascension unit, gladii will charge and stun you if you attack them from a distance. They will attempt to teleport away from their attackers at certain points.
Capsarius ( Level 150 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif ) Scutarius ( Level 150 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
The capsarii are healing units and will back up any damage unit it encounters. Capsarii cast shields that reduce incoming damage by 95% and heal the target for 100 life points.
Scutarii are a heavily armoured, defensive Ascension units. They are strongly resistance to almost all damage from the front and sides. A ranged attack from above or hitting it from behind will do full damage. Ranged attacks that rebound off other creatures and hit the scutarii from behind will perform 20% additional damage.


ascension keystone primus.gif

These creatures require 95 Slayer to attack. You, or your co-op Slayer partner, will need to find the correct ascension keystone and have it in your inventory in order to unlock their rooms. There is a keystone for each legiones and they will drop off of the creatures in the monastery.

Legio Primus
( Level 175 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
Legio Secundus
( Level 175 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
Legio Tertius
( Level 175 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
Legio Primus
Legio Secundus
Legio Tertius
Legio Quartus
( Level 175 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
Legio Quintus
( Level 175 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
Legio Sextus
( Level 175 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
Legio Quartus
Legio Quintus
Legio Sextus
All six legiones have the same main attack but have additional attacks or mechanics to look out for.

The main attack is an area of effect (AoE) attack that can be dodged, but it will hit hard if you fail. It will be cast in two places: where you were stood when it was cast, and the first place you chose to move after this. It is therefore advisable to keep moving. Should you move through the AoE you will take multiple hits but if the AoE hits you, you will only be hit once.

Legiones are very difficult to engage at close range, but the closer you are the more damage you do. Aimed ranged attacks, though still affected by the loss of damage when further away from the legiones, will do more damage.

Any attack that requires you to stand still to use them are risky when fighting the legiones.

The legiones have the following special attacks that are activated once at 75%, 50% and 25% health:
  • Primus - Increased damage
  • Secundus - Increased fire rate
  • Tertius - Summons other Ascension units to aid it (3 x rorarius at 75% health, 1x gladius at 50% health and 1x capsarius at 25% health).
  • Quartus - Will pull you towards him
  • Quintus - Is housed in a room that shrinks at 75%, 50% and 25% health. You will be damaged if you go into the sections of room that are not available.
  • Sextus - The AoE attack leaves a residual effect that continues to damage you for a short while, even if you have moved out of the AoE.


Ascension signet I

Dropped by the legiones, you can hand in 1 of each of the 6 Ascension signets, 100 ascension shards and either a dragon crossbow or its off-hand variant to Ocellus to get an Ascension crossbow. It can be converted to its off-hand variant for 100 shards.

As with the zaryte bow, these crossbows only degrade from shots fired, the crossbow being able to fire around 60,000 shots on a full charge.

Similar to Barrows equipment, it can be repaired both by NPCs - such as Bob (from Bob's Brilliant Axes) - or in a player-owned house armour stand, with the repair cost proportional to the damage taken, at a rate of 20K for each 1% of damage it has sustained (for a total cost of 2 million coins when fully degraded). When repaired by a player, this cost is reduced based on the player's Smithing level, with the cost halved when the player has 99 Smithing.

The crossbows require level 90 Ranged to wield and only take Ascension bolts as ammunition. Ascension bolts can be made with ascension shards at level 90 Fletching.

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Ascension crossbow Members icon 90 Ranged 0 2458 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ascension crossbow inventory icon
Accepted ammunition Ascension bolts inventory icon
Off-hand Ascension crossbow Members icon 90 Ranged 0 2458 0 0 0 0 0 0
Off-hand Ascension crossbow inventory icon
Accepted ammunition Ascension bolts inventory icon

Order journal page

Dropped by the creatures in or found in locations around the monastery, order journal pages contain entries of the monastery's history. Each time you pick up a page, it is automatically added to the book. There are 22 pages to collect making up the two 11 page parts of the book. If you do not have the book on you, a new one will be given to you, with the correct amount of pages, when you pick up another journal page.

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