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This article is about the Monkey race. For the slayer task, see monkey (Monster) and for all other monkeys, see monkey.
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One of many types of Monkey

Monkeys are one of the races of Gielinor, inhabiting Karamja, Mos Le'Harmless, the Kharidian Desert, and most prominently Ape Atoll. Monkey is a blanket term used to classify a group of simian species as one race, including traditional monkeys, apes, and orangutans. Unbeknownst to most other races, the Monkeys are an intellectually developed race with their own culture and society based in Marim, a city on Ape Atoll, led by their king; Awowogei.

Communication with monkeys requires the use of a Monkeyspeak amulet, which a player can create after reaching a certain point in Monkey Madness.

The Monkey race largely follows Marimbo, the Monkey Goddess, and Goddess of Hedonism. The monkeys of Ape Atoll possess a large temple dedicated to Marimbo, and statues of the ape dot the city of Marim, which is named in her honour.

The Monkeys of the desert follow Apmeken, Goddess of Social Pleasures. Unlike Marimbo, Apmeken is part of the Menaphite Pantheon, and takes the form of a monkey-headed human, rather than a full monkey. Followers of Marimbo despise Apmeken as a false diety.

Ape Atoll

Ape Atoll is an island that lies in the southern seas, south of Karamja. The island houses many dangers, and most of the wildlife are highly poisonous. The southern part of the island is covered in thick plant growth, tall grass, thick vines, and sturdy tropical trees, including the exotic Teak Tree.


Marim is the monkey city of Ape Atoll, and is the pinnacle of monkey civilization. Marim is well defended, and the ninja monkeys that watch over the town are diligent and watchful. To this day, no human has walked unmolested through the gates of the town.

Monkey Greegrees

After reaching a certain point in Monkey Madness, a player can use a mystical talisman called a 'Monkey Greegree' to transform themselves into a monkey. The Greegrees only function on Ape Atoll, and in the Ardougne Zoo. They come in many varieties, each transforming the player into a different type of monkey, and requiring the bones of the respective monkey to create.

  • Monkey Greegree
  • Small Ninja Monkey Greegree
  • Large Ninja Monkey Greegree
  • Gorilla Greegree
  • Bearded Gorilla Greegree
  • Blue-Faced Gorilla Greegree
  • Small Zombie Monkey Greegree
  • Large Zombie Monkey Greegree

Summoning Pet

Players with level 95 Summoning or greater can obtain a Karamjan Monkey as a pet. To do so requires a Hunter level of 27, to lay a box trap baited with a banana. Pet Monkeys come in a variety of fur coloration dependent upon which part of the island they were caught on. For more information, see Monkey (Pet).


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