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Monsters are attackable NPCs. Players can kill monsters for XP and loot.


Monsters have levels in the following skills:

As with a player, how high these skill levels are determine how well the NPC can attack with those type of attacks.

The levels in these skills determine the monster's combat level in the same way as the combat level is calculated for players.


Monsters have a number of attributes that can make them more formidable in combat.

  • Aggression - Some monsters will be aggressive towards players and will attack when they get near.
  • Poisonous - Some monsters have attacks that can poison you.
  • Stun immunity - Some monsters cannot be stunned by attacks or abilities such as bind or backhand.
  • Shove immunity - Some monsters can withstand any attacks meant to push them backwards.
  • Poison immunity - Some monsters are immune to poisonous attacks so you might want to hold off on drinking any weapon poison potions for these creatures.
  • Leech immunity - Some monsters can withstand attacks meant to weaken them by reducing their stats such as the curses leech attack or leech strength.


The majority of monsters have weaknesses which can be exploited to kill them faster. The monster's weakness, and its place on the combat triangle, are taken into account when determining how much damage they receive when you attack them.

Damage and Defence

How much damage an NPC can avoid or do depends very much on the NPC. Monsters intended to be boss monsters will typically be able to block/cause more damage and will have non-player facing bonuses to their defence and/or attacks. Because of this there are no definite ways to calculate an NPC's defence or maximum damage. You can however, get a general idea of this based on the NPC's levels, their weaknesses and attack types.

Special Attacks

Some creatures have special attacks such as dragons with their dragon breath attack. These can be countered with specific tactics. In the case of dragon breath, a anti-dragon shield can be employed to reduce damage from this specific attack.

Other monsters can use abilities, such as the Kalphite King who uses a range of abilities depending on which form he is in.

Boss monsters tend to have a range of attacks up their sleeves that must be reacted to in a certain way to avoid death, such as running out of an area of effect attack that can cause large amounts of damage over time, or running out of the path of a charging NPC. Remaining stationary in both of these cases would probably cause death, especially if the attack causes damage as a percentage of your total life points rather than a fixed amount of damage.


Main article: Slayer

Some NPCs count as Slayer targets and can be assigned as assignments, contracts or co-op assignments. If you are assigned a type of creature in this way, killing it will grant you Slayer XP.

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