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Nardah lies in the far east of the Kharidian Desert and is not an easy place to reach unharmed. It is advised that you take a lot of water with you, as well as wearing a full set of desert robes.

Until you complete the Spirits of the Elid quest, the only water available in Nardah is from Ali the Carter, whose prices are quite extreme.

nardah intro.jpg
Nardah is suffering a drought

Nardah is a small desert town on the east bank of the Elid River. For the last few months they have been plagued, though, by a lack of water, and an inability to bring any water into the town themselves. Luckily for the inhabitants, this does not seem to extend to Ali the Carter, who brings water to the town from Pollnivneach.

Because of the dangers of the parched desert and the hardy beasts that lurk among the dunes there are few visitors to Nardah. This is a shame because some of the finest iced chocolates in all of Gielinor can be found there.


nardah location.jpg
Map of Nardah

Nardah lies perfectly south-east of Pollnivneach across the Elid River, but without travelling far north or south along the river, there is no convenient bridge. Ali Morrisane, of course, has thought to bring his flying carpet enterprise here, so a small fee will take travellers between the towns.

South-west of Nardah is the Agility Pyramid, where Simon Templeton waits for agile adventurers to retrieve artifacts from the top of this ancient structure.

Further south-west still are the twin cities of Menaphos and Sophanem.

Points of Interest

nardah features1.jpg
Nardah's points of interest

Though well out of the way by Gielinor standards, Nardah has a great deal to offer the casual adventurer. Rokuh sells delighful chocolate ices, which he keeps cool with some remarkable ice magic gleaned from a foreigner.

Zahur will clean your herbs for you if your Herblore level is not high enough and will decant your potions into 2- or 3-dose vials (though she does charge a fee), and Seddu sells an excellent range of rune and dragonhide armours.

At both the north and south end of town are clay ovens, which you can use to cook any food you have with you. The south range is the second closest range to a bank in Gielinor, behind only the range in the Cook's Guild.

North of the town is a broad stretch of sand of great interest to Hunter.

To the north-west of town are a handful of desert goats, which can be used to make some fairly useful potions.


Awusah the Mayor Ghaslor the Elder
Awusah has ruled Nardah for quite some time, but he still hasn't figured out how to get the most out of the bureaucrats of Menaphos. He does his best, though, and no one seems to mind that he still has not figured out how to solve the water problem.
Ghaslor is the oldest member of the town by quite a few years, so it's only natural that he is also the town's archivist. He keeps a ready memory filled with the tales and history of Nardah, so he's almost certain to be able to help out with most problems.
Awusah can be found in his house in the east of the town. Ghaslor can be found in his house in the north-east of the town.
Shiratti the Custodian Rokuh
As the curator of the town's Temple of Elidinis, and in the absence of a priestess, Shiratti is responsible for maintaining the town's religious attitudes. She has been waiting for a long time for Menaphos to send the town a new priestess, but it looks like she may have a longer wait still to come.
Rokuh is the chocolate ice seller in Nardah, and he is one of the most inspired salesman in Gielinor (after Ali Morrisane, naturally). Having been shown some rudimentary ice magic, he has used it to preserve his treats in the heat of the desert. Since the drought began, business has never been better.
Shiratti can be found in the temple in the north of town. Rokuh can be found in the marketplace.
Ali the Carter Ali the Wise
ali the carter.gif
Ali the Carter is a water seller who has been making great profits since Nardah's water dried up. No matter how high he raises his prices, Ali knows the townspeople have little choice but to pay.
ali the wise.gif
Ali the Wise is a curious figure in the desert: his skin is paler than you might expect, and he knows a curious amount about the history of not only the desert, but also of the secret races whose existence is a mystery. If you need some information about these things, though, he's the person to talk to.
Ali the Carter has pitched his water cart near the fountain. Ali the Wise spends his time in his house in the north of the town.


The following quests can be started in Nardah:

Creatures of the Desert

Jackal (Level 21) Poltenip, Radat and Tarik (Level 21)
Jackals are cunning animals with a powerful pack mentality. You will almost never find a jackal alone, as their method of hunting is based on working together. Jackals are not powerful enemies, but if you have just crossed the desert without much water...
nardah guard.gif
These are the mayor's three guards, and they take their work seriously. In a town with little for young people to do, they are in positions of respect and are unlikely to do anything to change this.
Jackals can be found north and west of town. Poltenip, Radat and Tarik can be found at the mayor's house.
Goat (Level 23/33)
desert goat.gif
Apparently the most dangerous creatures in Nardah, the goats that wander about are fairly tame creatures, most notable for the properties of their horns when made into a potion.
Goats can be found just north-west of Nardah.


  • If you've somehow found yourself shoeless in the middle of the desert, head to the mayor's house for a free pair.
  • If you have a monkeyspeak amulet or cramulet, don't be tempted to feed the monkey at the flying carpet hire: he's just greedy and ungrateful.
  • Once you complete the Spirits of the Elid quest, the fountain in town will run with water again, so you'll be able to refill waterskins, making trips to the Agility Pyramid much more enjoyable (not to mention safer).
  • Until you have completed Contact!, Nardah has the only bank south of the Shantay Pass, which is another point in its favour as a good starting point for wandering the desert.
  • Once you have completed the Spirits of the Elid quest, you will be able to pray in the temple. This altar is particularly good for the desert, as it comes with a decent life point boost.

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