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OSR - Halloween 2013 Event Guide

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Diango and his toy-making fairies have had to stop production at their Christmas workshop because of a spectral menace! Strange and evil spirits have possessed the toys inside the workshop, making them come to life and terrorise the fragile fairies. Can you splatter these ghosts with your Ghost Buster 500? Can you rid the workshop of the evil tree that has grown through its floor? Who is Diango going to call?

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Diango has been rushing to get his Christmas toys ready for, well, Christmas this year and has had to start early. This has meant cutting a few corners and getting enough wood for all of the puppets, boats and other festive items. Unfortunately for Diango, he chose to steal the wood from the dreaded Draynor Manor, and now the toys are possessed.

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To start the Hallowe'en event you should talk to Diango in Draynor Village and offer to clear up his ghost infestation, all with the promise of a tasty reward. He will hand you an empty Ghost Buster 500 with 50 rounds of white destabiliser and five lots of other, variously coloured destabilisers.

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Diango also has a problem of a rather imposing tree that has started to grow through his factory floor. The tree has the unfortunate habit of swallowing those who get too close or try to pull out its roots, so Diango understandably wants this pest out of his workshop.

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The workshop is accessible from a hut in the north of Draynor Village, surrounded by fearful fairies:

OSR - factory map.jpg

Once inside, it will become immediately apparent that tables, toy boatmen, wooden ducks, possessed puppets and creepy 'hand in box' toys have come to life!

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Don't worry - these toys cannot attack you. They may be possessed, but the toys themselves can do little more than give you a splinter. However, the ghosts have been scaring the fairies, so they need to go. To rid a toy of its possessor, simply load the Ghost Buster 500 with the white destabiliser. This is the liquid that will reveal the ghost's true identity, and must be used first before the coloured destabiliser.

Once you have destabilised your first ghost with white destabiliser you will have unlocked the emote - 'scared' - if you have not done so already!

When the colour of the ghost has been revealed - it will be blue, red, yellow, black or green - then load the Ghost Buster 500 with the correct colour destabiliser and dismiss the ghost. He will be sent screaming back to the Underworld! This process should continue for each of the ghosts in the workshop, and you need to dismiss three of each ghost type. Don't worry if you have to leave at any point - once the ghost is busted, it never comes back.

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If you run out of destabiliser or lose the Ghost Buster 500 then do not panic - Diango will top up your destabilisers if needed.

Once you have exorcised three of a certain colour of ghost (all of the red spectres, for example) then a message will flash up to visit Diango, who will have a Hallowe'en reward to give you! There are five to collect...

The Evil tree

The second task involves branching out into tree slaying! This hulking creature may seem to be an imposing foe, but once you get to the root of the problem then it should not be an issue.

You should be able to twig how to defeat the tree once you have tried to pull out its root. The tree will drag you down through the soil and underneath the workshop, where the roots of the evil tree dangle menacingly. With the use of a Woodcutting axe, these roots can be chopped down, sapping his energy.

OSR - chopping.jpg

Once ten of these evil roots have been collected, return to Diango via the column of roots in the centre of this underground area and receive your final Hallowe'en item!

Note - If you lose any of your untradeable Hallowe'en items, visit Diango and he will return them to you.

Click here to show the rewards.

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