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OSR - Mining

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Mining skill icon Mining is a gathering skill which is used to obtain different from various types of rocks. A pickaxe is required to mine a rock. More effective pickaxes require higher Mining levels in order to use, however they may be wielded without the required Mining level provided that the player has the required Attack level.

Mining may be considered to be similar to Woodcutting, as both use tools to extract resources from naturally occuring structures. However, a key difference between the two is that virtually all rocks can only yield one ore before being depleted, whereas most trees may provide multiple logs before becoming chopped down (a notable exception is the rune essence mine, that yields unlimited Rune/Pure essence).

Mining provides the raw materials for Smithing, which is used to make metal armour.


(m) = Members Only

Ore Level required Experience gained Notes
1 Mining skill icon 5 Found only in the rune essence mine, which requires completion of Rune Mysteries to access. Used in all Free-to-play Runecrafting.
1 Mining skill icon 5 Used in Crafting to make various pottery items, such as pots. Needs water added to it (to form soft clay) in order to be used.
1 Mining skill icon 17.5 One of the ingredients of a bronze bar, along with tin ore.
1 Mining skill icon 17.5 The other ingredient of a bronze bar, along with copper ore.
10 Mining skill icon 17.5 Found only in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. Can be smelted into a blurite bar. Used in The Knight's Sword quest. Note that blurite ore has very few uses. Blurite bolts and blurite limbs are the only items that may be made from the bars. The blurite sword may not be made after completion of the quest.
10 Mining skill icon 26.5 Can be cut into a limestone brick, used in Construction. It is also required in several quests.
15 Mining skill icon 35 May be smelted alone to produce an iron bar, although this may fail and give nothing. If smelted with two coal in the inventory, a steel bar is created instead.
20 Mining skill icon 0 Used in the Elemental Workshop quest series, to make various items of armour there. Four coal is also required to produce one elemental bar.
20 Mining skill icon 40 Can be smelted to produce a silver bar, which is used for several quests in Morytania as well as for Crafting.
20 Mining skill icon 17.5 Used to escape the mines in Meiyerditch during and after Darkness of Hallowvale. It cannot be smelted, and has no uses outside of the mine. It comes in veins, each of which may be mined for 3 ores before becoming depleted.
30 Mining skill icon 50 Cannot be smelted alone, but varying amounts are required to make elemental, steel, mithril, adamant and rune bars.
30 Mining skill icon 5 Mined from the same place as rune essence, providing that the player is on a members' world and has 30 Mining. Rune Mysteries is required to reach the mine. Required for all Runecrafting that is members only, although plain rune essence may still be used to perform free-to-play runecrafting on members servers.
OSR - sandstone medium.gif
Sandstone (m)
35 Mining skill icon 30, 40, 50, 60 (dependent on size obtained) Found only in the desert quarry, mining a sandstone rock yields a 1kg, 2kg, 5kg or 10kg block. The only known use for sandstone is in the Enakhra's Lament quest.
40 Mining skill icon 65 May be smelted into a gold bar, which is used in Crafting.
OSR - granite medium.gif
Granite (m)
45 Mining skill icon 50, 60, 75 (size dependent) Found only in the desert quarry. Mining granite can yield a 500g, 2kg, or 5kg block. Used only in quests.
55 Mining skill icon 80 Can be smelted into a mithril bar with 4 coal at level 50 Smithing.
70 Mining skill icon 95 Can be smelted into an adamant bar with 6 coal and 70 Smithing.
85 Mining skill icon 125 Can be made into a rune bar with 8 coal and 85 Smithing.


A pickaxe is required to mine all rocks. Those with a higher level requirement will mine faster than ones with a lower requirement, except where noted. Pickaxes may only be obtained as drops from a very select group of creatures, or bought from a pickaxe shop.

Note that a black pickaxe does not exist, however the equivalent Black axe does.

Pickaxe Mining requirement Obtained Cost
None Bob's Axes in Lumbridge or Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine sell them. 1gp
None Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine sells them. 140gp
6 Mining skill icon Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine sells them. 500gp
21 Mining skill icon Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine sells them. 1300gp
31 Mining skill icon Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine sells them. 3200gp
41 Mining skill icon Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine sells them. 32000gp
61 Mining skill icon Dropped by Chaos Elemental, KBD, and Wilderness Rejuvenation bosses or bought from other players. 1500000gp

Mining sites

Main article: OSR - Mining Sites

There are various locations across Gielinor in which ore may be obtained using a pickaxe. Each mine typically has a number of different rock types, making each mine useful for obtaining different ores. In addition, some mines are further from a bank than others, making a careful choice of mining site important.


Main article: OSR - Gems

osr - uncut sapphire.gif

Gems may be obtained randomly from mining most types of rocks, however coal appears to give a higher rate of gems than other rocks. Members can wear an enchanted amulet of glory will increase the chance of recieving gems while mining.


Various items may temporarily increase Mining level, allowing the completion of tasks just beyond a player's level:

Skill mastery

osr - mining cape.png
osr - mining cape (t).png

At level 99 Mining, Members may purchased the mining cape from the dwarf near the Mining Guild entrance in Falador for 99,000 coins. Equipping it or activating it temporarily increases the wearer's Mining level by one, to 100.

If a player has more than one level 99 skill, then all their skillcapes become permenantly trimmed.

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