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OSR - Random Events

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Random events were designed to hinder using macros.

While playing Old School RuneScape you may notice the occasional strange event happening near you. These events can happen at any time, and at any place. Some are potentially harmful, while others can benefit you. If you keep your wits about you, you may well profit from these events and come off better because of them; but if you're not paying attention, beware!

Random Event Teleportation

Some random events will teleport you away to strange locations, which may or may not be part of RuneScape itself. If you are teleported to these locations you will remain there until you complete the requirements of the random event; so, even if you log out you will find yourself in the random event when you log back in. Once you have completed the random event you will be returned to the spot you were taken from, except in the case of the Lost and Found Office, which will send you to the point you were trying to teleport to.


Some places are protected by guardians whom you may encounter on your travels. They are usually quite powerful and often your best option will be to run away, as they won't pursue you for very long. If you feel you're up to the challenge though, you can try and defeat them, collecting the items they may drop.

The Events

Bee Keeper

The flax fields south of the Seers' Village is a popular haunt for the many fletchers in RuneScape, but who has paused to spare a thought for the beekeepers in the next field over, whose hives are constantly in need of repair?

Sometimes, while working the flax field, you may find yourself approached by one of these white-clad gents. Their hives are notoriously difficult to assemble, so they occasionally need to enlist the help of an adventurer.

OSR - beekeeper interface.jpg

Your task is to assemble a beehive from its four parts. To do so, click on a section to stop it spinning. Then manoeuvre it into position by using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. When you've positioned a piece, move onto another until the beehive is complete. When you select another piece, the last segment you moved will start spinning again: don't worry, that's just what beehive parts do.

Once you have all the pieces in the correct place, hit the switch at the bottom of the screen to assemble it. If you've done it correctly, you'll be given some flax for your efforts and returned to where you were.

OSR - beeees.gif

If you fail to assemble it correctly, however, the bees will escape and wreak a terrible revenge upon you! You will be forced to flee to a body of water to escape their stings.
OSR - broken spade.gif
Poorly manufactured rakes and spades will sometimes fall apart. Stick them back together and you'll be able to continue using them.
OSR - big fish.gif
There are some big fish around which don't like being caught. They might steal your equipment and spit it out nearby.
OSR - broken axe.gif

Axes are sometimes faulty and you may lose the head if you swing too wildly. Just pick up the head from the ground, re-attach it, and away you go.

While woodcutting you may also disturb and knock a bird's next out of that tree. Pick it up from the ground quickly. These nests usually contain some type of ring, a tree seed or a bird's egg. The bird's egg does not have an actual use at the moment, but might get one in the future if the community wishes so.
Flying pickaxe head

During mining, the pickaxe head can potentially fly off the handle. Search for it on the ground near you and use it on the handle to fix your pickaxe. If you don't see this happen, you end up with a pickaxe handle and the need for a new pickaxe.
Giles random event

Following their retirement from the "certing" business, Niles, Miles & Giles have been seen wandering around chatting to passing players.

Talk to them and they might reward you. If not, they'll try to convert items from your inventory into banknotes, and teleport you!
Drill Demon
OSR - macro drill demon2.jpg

When the drill demon summons you to his training ground you need to follow his instructions and perform various excersises. After completing the event you'll be teleported back to your original location and rewarded with camouflage equipment.
Drunken Dwarf
OSR - macro dwarf.gif

The lurching figure of a drunken dwarf will occasionally wander up to you.

Chat to him and he'll share his meal of kebabs and beer; otherwise he will attack you.
OSR - ent.gif

Some trees like to fight back. If a tree turns out to be an ent then leave it well alone or your axe may get broken.

Fortunately, Bob can repair axes in Lumbridge; for a price of course.
Evil Bob
Evil Bob random event

An enigmatic cat will come and drag you off to some warped plane of reality to serve as his slave. To begin you will need to speak to Evil Bob and ask him why he brought you to his island. He will tell you to catch him some fish as he is hungry.

OSR - intro scaperune.jpg

You will need to grab a Fishing net at a nearby spawn point and then speak to his slaves in order to find out how to get Evil Bob the fish that he likes, so that he might fall asleep. The female servant will point you in the direction of a Fishing spot that you should use. Each Fishing spot is marked with a different cat statue so you will have to pay attention.

OSR - evil bob cutscene.jpg

Once you have caught a fish you will find that it is already cooked, Evil Bob will not accept this and you will have to use it on an 'uncooking pot' to uncook it.

You then need to use the fish with Evil Bob. If you caught it from the correct Fishing spot then he will find it delicious. If not, he will be disgusted and will send you off to catch him another one.

After repeating this several times, Evil Bob will finally fall asleep, which will be your chance to escape from the portal nearby. You will be teleported back to where you originally were and you will receive 650 Fishing or Magic experience, depending on which skill you were training at the time (although it must be said that Evil Bob is a fickle cat, and has been known to give people Fishing experience regardless of what they were doing).
Evil Chicken
OSR - macro evil chicken.jpg

If you come under attack from this uniquely malignant fowl, be prepared for a tough fight. Or just run away
Evil Twin
Molly has always had difficulty with her twin, probably because her twin is an evil twin. Now, though, she's managed to teleport her twin to imprison her. The only problem is that Molly's twin managed to bring four innocent citizens with her.

OSR - eviltwin.jpg

What she needs is your quick trigger finger to pull her sister out of the crowd and into a cage.

OSR - eviltwin1.jpg

Simply move the claw around, using the control panel, until the red target is on the girl that looks just like Molly, then hit the 'Grab' button to hoist her into the air and dump her in the cage. Unfortunately, the claw only has enough magic to pick up two people, so if you don't manage to catch Molly's twin, Molly won't be pleased.
OSR -                    eviltwin2.jpg

If you help Molly out she'll be so thrilled that she'll give you some gems, and then teleport you straight back to where you were. If you didn't manage to grab the evil twin, Molly will be very angry and teleport you to a random location.
Exploding Rock
OSR - rocks.gif

Sometimes there are dangerous gases in mining sites. Watch out that a spark from your pickaxe doesn't ignite it or it'll get damaged.

Fortunately Nurmof can repair pickaxes in the Dwarven Mines, for a small fee.
Freaky Forester
OSR - freaky forester.gif

This strange man may teleport you to a clearing in some distant forest to help kill the pheasant of his choice. If you bring him the carcass of the correct pheasant, he may reward you with some of his uniquely rustic clothes.
Frog random event

Throughout the ages, many tales have been told about princes and princesses cruelly transformed into frogs. Traditionally, a simple kiss would restore their true form. So if a small army of frogs comes to you, be prepared to smooch their leader.
Genie random event

For some reason, a Genie may feel compelled to grant you a wish and advance one of your skills. They're fickle creatures and will teleport you if you choose not to accept their offer.
OSR - gravedigger1.jpg

Leo the short-sighted gravedigger has managed to mis-bury five coffins. He has a number of rewards for any player that can get the coffins in the correct order.

OSR - gravedigger4.jpg

Each coffin will need to be removed from the grave. If you do not have room in your inventory for this then there is a mausoleum behind Leo that you can use to store your items.

When you have the coffins, you should look in each of them to see what it contains:

OSR - gravedigger3.jpg

This coffin contains a skull, remains, an apron, ore and a pickaxe - which would symbolise that this coffin is that of someone who was a Miner. To find out what grave the coffin belongs in, you should examine the headstones just above them. Each headstone shows an item that belonged to the person who's grave it is.

OSR - gravedigger2.jpg

For example, this is a pickaxe, meaning the grave under this headstone is the Miners. Now you use the coffin belonging to the Miner with this grave. Continue this for the other people and when you have done them all, speak with Leo for him to check the positioning and let you go with your reward. You will receive items of zombie clothing or unlock new zombie emotes!
OSR - highwayman.jpg

Rick Turpentine, the notorious highwayman, wishes to atone for his life of crime by giving out free valuables. But if you ignore his generous offer, he will revert back to his old habits and attack, stealing your gold pieces!
Jekyll and Hyde
Jekyll and Hyde random event

The famous scientist Dr Jekyll urgently needs help with a potion to stop his 'changes'! Talk to him quickly, or else he'll transform, and you'll have to face the fearsome Mr Hyde...
Lost and Found
Lost and found random event

While teleporting you could get stuck in the abyss. Pull the lever that is different from the other tree and you will be teleported to your destination. Some runes will be given as a compensation for the inconvenience.
Lost Pirate
OSR - macro lost pirate.jpg

Cap'n Hand wants your attention for a moment. Don't ignore him for too long, for he's an impatient fellow, and pirates are usually armed and dangerous.
OSR - macro maze.jpg

You might get teleported into a large maze by the Mysterious Old Man, but don't worry. Find the centre and you'll be released along with a reward. The quicker you manage it the bigger your reward!
OSR - macro mime.jpg

There's a mystical theatre hidden away to which you may get teleported. All you have to do is follow the Mime's performance and you'll be released along with a reward.

If you have all the rewards already, you will receive gold pieces instead.
Mysterious Old Man and Strange Box
Mysterious Old Man random event

This Mysterious Old Man may visit you to give you a 'strange box' or reward you with a gift. He is also known to teleport unsuspecting players to a maze or even away to interact with a mime artist!

If you're given a strange box by the Mysterious Old Man, open it and answer the question to receive a reward. Be careful, though: they will duplicate themselves until your inventory is full!
Would-be thieves should be warned that the local law enforcement are cracking down on crime, so be careful! If caught, you could be sentenced to the pillory where a local tramp and other players that happen to be passing will throw rotten tomatoes at you!

OSR - pillory cage.gif

To get out, you will need to click on the lock of your prison and select the unlock option. You will then have to choose the swinging key at the bottom of the screen that matches the shaped hole in the large grey spinning lock to the left of the screen in order to release yourself.

Please note that every time you get your selection wrong there will be another lock added to the top of the screen (up to a maximum of five) and you will be required to wait 15 seconds before you can have another attempt at escaping).

OSR - pillory keys.jpg

OSR - pillory lock.jpg

Once completed, all of the locks at the top of the screen should be green and you will be teleported back to where you were first caught.
The Mysterious Old Man is up to his old tricks, and has devised a game for players to take part in: pinball!

OSR - mom.gif

In this game you must run around a giant pinball table tagging ten poles. You can't tag any old poles, though, only the ones with rings around them. If you tag the wrong pole then your score goes back to zero and you have to start again.

OSR - pinball1.jpg

If you try to leave the table before you've hit ten poles then the trolls guarding the exit - Flippa and Tilt - will whack you back into the game with their clubs, setting your score to zero at the same time. The Mysterious Old Man certainly knows how to make sure everyone has fun!

Once you've hit ten poles and you exit the pinball machine, you'll be teleported back where you came from and given some gems as a reward.
Pirate Chest
OSR - pirate.jpg

If you're lucky, a wandering pirate will discover buried treasure in a patch where you're growing crops! Help him get the lid off the chest and he'll share the booty.
Poison Gas
OSR - macro poisonchest.jpg

Some chests are filled with poisonous gas to deter would-be thieves; just get clear of the area until it dissipates so you don't fall victim to it.
Prison Pete
A sinister cat drags you off to the mirror world of ScapeRune and locks you in a very strange jail! There you will meet the sad figure of Prison Pete who had also been captured.

OSR - prisonpete balloons.jpg

The keys to the prison portals are hidden inside little balloon animals which are scampering around the floor. You will first need to speak to Pete and then pull the big lever to see which sort of animal you need to pop.

OSR - prisonpete balloon.gif

Pop the correct balloon in order to get a key and give them to Pete who will try them on the doors.

You will need to repeat this process until you have finally obtained the key to leave.

OSR - prison pete win.gif
OSR - macro quizmaster.jpg
The host of the greatest quiz show in RuneScape, Odd One Out, may invite you to compete for its valuable prizes. You'll need to choose which of the items you're shown is the odd one out, and if you get enough questions right you'll be released with a reward. But should you choose the cash prize or the mystery box?
River Troll
River Troll random event

Might attack you whilst you're fishing. You may run away or fight it. The troll drops items such as fishing bait, raw fish, feathers, oysters and caskets.
Rock Golem
OSR - golem.gif

Might attack you while you're mining. Run away or fight it. The rock golem drops items such as ores, pickaxe or earth runes.
Sandwich Lady
Fancy a snack? The Sandwich Lady has come to give you a tasty treat! She'll tell you what kind of snack to take from her tray; make sure you don't take the wrong item, or she'll get very angry indeed...

If you're not sure what a baguette is, or which sandwich is which, click the 'Key' in the bottom right to better understand what the Sandwich Lady is offering you.

OSR - sarnielady.jpg

OSR - sandwich choice2.jpg
Security Guard
OSR - macro securityguard.jpg

Security guards wander the land of RuneScape, looking for players whose recovery questions haven't been set. Have a quick chat and they'll be on their way.
OSR - macro shade.jpg

After burying bones, there is a chance that another body buried there would not appreciate desecration of their burial mound and their spirit would come in the form of a shade.
Strange Plant
OSR - plant.gif

Strange Plants occasionally spring up and grow into carnivorous flora which will attack and poison you if you do not pick their fruit.

The strange fruit picked from the plant will restore run energy and counteract the effects of poison when eaten.
Surprise Exam
Back to School.
OSR - swarm.gif

Swarms of insects can be dangerous and hard to disperse; it's best to run away until they leave you alone.
Tree Spirit
OSR - macro treespirit.jpg

Might attack you while you are woodcutting a tree. You may run away or fight it. Drops can be nature runes, herbs, steel axe, mithril axe, adamant axe, rune axe, sapphire, emerald, ruby, or a diamond.
Whirlpool random event

This event may appear while fishing and it will temporarily disrupt fishing in that spot. If you fish in the whirlpool it will swallow your fishing equipment away, so move to another fishing spot.
OSR - zombie2.gif

Zombies will sometimes get drawn to you by the scent of freshly buried bones.

Its Combat level varies according to your own.


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